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Dice Analog Synthesizer

Randomize a synth

Oenkenstein Audio

  • • 6 osc analog synthesizer.
  • • Randomize patches.
  • • 160 instrument patches.

Audio examples

Dice Analog Synthesizer has 6 oscillators to generate sound without the use of samples. This device comes with a Sine, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), Triangle, Sub, Noise and Saw oscillator.

To alter the sound generated by each oscillator, the synthesizer is provided with tuning, volume and panning knobs. It has an amplitude envelope section with AHDSR faders, a filter section, a Bode frequency shifter and an oscillator output routing section.

Dice Analog Synthesizer also contains 3 sections to change the tuning of the oscillators: Pitch Wheel control, Bend and Glide. A Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) is used to modulate the filters cutoff and the glide time.

Dice Analog Synthesizer has 3 effects: Delay, reverb and chorus.

The back panel of the Dice Analog Synthesizer has audio outputs for each oscillator, a main stereo output, solo and mute buttons, a randomizer configuration section, 53 CV inputs and 2 CV outputs.

Dice Analog Synthesizer comes with 160 instrument patches. Please note that 30 combinator patches require Reason 12.

New to version 1.3.8 is the implementation of a randomize play and edit system.

Dice Analog Synthesizer also uses a web based form where the user can randomize patches, which can be loaded and altered in the Dice Analog Synthesizer.

This device is for everyone who wants to:

  • Have a high quality analog synthesizer.
  • Make sounds or instruments for use in genres like ambient, synth wave, synth pop, house and techno.
  • likes a Bode frequency shifter.
  • Go modular as Dice Analog Synthesizer has CV in and CV out.
  • Wants to randomize synthesizer patches.
  • Make Reason 12 Combinators. Dice Analog Synthesizer comes with 11 combinator backdrops.
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible