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Rumbler Compact Synthesizer

Rumbler Synthesizer

Oenkenstein Audio

  • • Based on the OS of a Kawai K1.
  • • 96 Kawai K1 patches (ROM Pack D).
  • • CV in. Audio in, send to 8 effect devices.

Audio examples

Rumbler Compact Synthesizer is a digital wavetable synthesizer and is based on an additive wavetable Kawai K1 digital synthesizer from 1985. The Rack Extension mimics the operation system on the Kawai K1.

Included are 228 waveforms, 64 single and 32 multi instrument patches from the Kawai K1 ROM pack D and 115 signature patches.

Rumbler Compact Synthesizer comes with Saw, Square and Wavetable oscillators, an Amp Envelope section with DAHDSR controls, a LFO, an Audio Modulation section with 19 modulation matrixes and 8 effects devices with 23 modulation matrixes. Rumbler Compact Synthesizer has also audio in, 25 CV inputs, 23 CV through and 2 CV outputs.

Rumbler Compact Synthesizer features Ring Modulation with an internal Sine oscillator modulating the Wave oscillator. Rumbler also comes with Audio in, turning the synthesizer into an effects processor as well.

The Rumble series derives its name from the legendary guitar 101 hero and inventor of the power chord: Link Wray, who used to poke a pencil in an amplifier speaker to get a gritty, distorted sound.

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