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The Chronologists

Audio examples

Divisor is a control voltage gate divider containing ten separate dividers with two outputs each, timed either internally or by buffered external input. Divisor allows you to create polyrhythms, aperiodic modulations, glitch effects and much more!

Product details

The idea for Divisor emerged from the world of analog modular synthesis, where sequencing is accomplished through the manipulation of pulse wave control voltages or "clock". In that world, a "clock divider" allows the musician to split a single incoming clock signal into multiple, synchronized signals containing divisions of varying length.

Divisor emulates and extends that behaviour. Each of Divisor's ten dividers has two outputs each, which can be controlled by the internal pulse generator or by separate external signals.

However--you are not restricted to dividing pulse or clock input! Divisor can divide any signal, from the longest drone to the most erratic sample and hold, expanding the range of application beyond sequencing into synthesis and sound design.

The dividers' front controls set a range of 1 to 16 divisions and are switchable between integer and floating point increments. Indicator lamps show activity for each output.

The on-board pulse generator can be synced to the master transport in common note increments, but may also be engaged in a free-running mode. Independent control voltage outputs for the pulse generator are available as well. A lamp indicates output signal.

Two buffers store the incoming control voltage when the on-board pulse is not used. Unusual effects can be attained by manipulating the buffer length. The buffers can be cleared either through the front panel button or by incoming control voltage. Lamps indicate incoming signal and buffer level.

All parameters on the front face can be automated. You'll never look at control voltage the same way again!



Released: 2012-12-06
Version: 1.0.0