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DrwCmp78 Stereo Buss Compressor

Stereo Buss Compressor


  • • Intuitive Buss Compressor with Parallel mixing
  • • Tonal Shape and Sidechain filtering control
  • • Configurable character settings & distortion value

Audio examples

DRWCMP78 is a stereo buss compressor with character settings, controlled distortion, tonal shaping, parallel mixing, versalite, and intuitive. Inspired by the hardware effect processor Drawmer™ 1978®, but developed in its own way.

The compressor is an intuitive part of the device, with controllable  Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Parallel compression and level compensation settings. 
Sidechain functionality is optional. LF and HF reduction responses control HP and LP filter activity in the sidechain to reduce or increase the response of high and low frequencies in compression processing. 
Tonal shaping gives control over the frequency and level of filtering in the Low and High bands. 

Saturation is a gradual distortion of the signal, an effect that can change the sound of your mix and tracks, adding a subtle form of distortion that adds harmonics to your signal. 
Character settings give width and monogize effect control of the compressed signal. 
  Attack and Release curves help control parameter smoothness.

The compressor’s Parallel mix, and the main device Mix give complete control over the mix.

Try out DRWCMP78, the easy-to-use stereo buss compressor with configurable character settings, distortion value and shape control, which helps you find your favorite combination for the mix.

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