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Ecruos Multi-Tap Delay

Multi-Tap Delay


  • • 16 Tap steps to Delay Time, Level, Pan, Filter
  • • Smoothing of delay time changes effect
  • • Width and Engage controls, Filter
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ECRUOS is a Delay effect with up to 16 configurable taps include smoothing of delay time changes.
We present a new delay type to Reason Rack Extension - Tap Delay.

Tap Delays usually have steps called as TAPs. Every TAP has its own settings for Delay Time and Level.
Delay Time can be Synced to your song project or set in seconds. Feedback control is linked to each TAP. You can control how many taps you need. Just draw your delay rhythms in the control matrix.
Taps can control PAN of each step. We have also added Filter to this Delay device. Taps can control the Resonance level of each step.

ECRUOS rack extension includes:
- 16 steps (TAPS) with control matrix
- TAP controls for Delay Time, Level, Pan and Filter
- Width control of stereo signal
- "Engage" knob, which adds some reverb to the rhythmic output signal
- Filter with Resonance control
- LFO with Sync to Beats
With ECRUOS you can add interesting structures to your sounds inside Reason Rack.
Draw your Delay for new rhythms now. Try it today!

Product details


BYPASS - disable effect
ON - enable effect
OFF - mute incoming signal


TIME - Set delay time in seconds or quarter note beats
SYNC - Set type of Time: Seconds or synced quarter note beats
FEEDBACK - Feedback to the delay to create multiple repeats
TAP OUTPUT - Select which output tap the feedback is taken from
WIDTH - Reduce the stereo width of the delay input and each feedback repeat
ENGAGE - Add some colors of reverb to output signal


RESONANCE - Filter Resonance for each Tap. Morph from a gentle tone to a narrow bandpass
LOWCUT - Highpass filter for progressive thinning of each delay repeat
HIGHCUT - Lowpass filter for progressive damping of each delay repeat


TIME TAPS - Delay time for each Tap step as a percentage of the Time parameter
LEVEL TAPS - Volume for each Tap step. Zero disables the Tap, saving CPU
PAN TAPS - Stereo PAN position for each Tap
FILTER TAPS - Filter center frequency for each Tap. Filter is bypassed at 0% if Resonance also at 0%


LFO - Waveform selection
DEST - Destination of LFO waveform
SYNC - Sync of LFO waveform in Beats or Hz
SPEED - Speed of LFO in quarter notes if Beats selected, or in Hz if Hertz selected


BLEND - Dry/Wet proportion for incoming / processed signal
SOFT BYPASS - Soft bypass variant


INPUT - Gain correction of the dry input level (unprocessed input signal) before it goes to the effect
OUTPUT - Gain correction of the output level of the processed signal


INPUT - Mono or Stereo connections for audio signal input
OUTPUT - Mono or Stereo connections for audio signal output
OVERCLIP - Overclipping indicator
ROUTING ICONS - True stereo: If a mono signal is connected with one cable to L input, it is routed to the L output as a mono channel. If a stereo signal connected with 2 cables (L/R), it routed to the L/R channels as stereo channels


Use these CV inputs to control the main parameters with external CV source curves

UPDATE 1.0.4

  • Fixed bug with Resonance activity



Released: 2019-02-22
Version: 1.0.4