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FireMint Pitch Formant Shifter

Pitch Formant Shifter


  • • Modern & Unique Formant Shifter & Note Correction
  • • Voice Alteration FX that change Pitch and Gender
  • • Signal locking to notes like autotune effect

Audio examples

Formants are the resonant frequencies from the human mouth with vocal tract. If a vocal track is pitch-shifted (without formant correction), the formants are shifted too, and you have a less natural-sounding result.

Pitch frequency is the fundamental frequency of the speech signal, and formant frequencies are essentially resonance frequencies of the vocal tract. These frequencies vary among different people and words, but they are within a certain frequency range.
Pitch-shifters usually transpose the signal in semitones up or down.

Formant shifters do not affect the pitch or timing of a segment. Formant shifters change only the sound of the voice, and you can have a low or high-pitched voice without changing the key.
Now all of this is possible to control with “FIREMINT” Pitch & Formant Shifter vocal effect.
For the creative powerful pitch warming effect, enable the “Link” button to sync the Pitch-Shifter changes to the Formant-Shifter at the same time.

Creatively automate the Formant shifter by selecting between 2 and 4 octaves in the octave range parameter.

The Pitch-Shifter engine based on the four frequency range (age or quality) parameter.
Drive analog modeled tube saturation, adds some warmth, grit and edge to the vocal track.

FIREMINT Pitch & Formant Shifter manipulates the semitone transpose and formant voice changes of a vocal signal in parallel or at once.

Turn2on “FIREMINT” Rack Extension is a flexible and powerful take on Pitch & Formant Shifters. It retains the basic functionality with the addition of shift quality range modes and analog modeled saturation control.
Perfect voice alteration effect that change pitch of a vocal, and change the gender of a vocal with formant shifting. With FIREMINT, it is possible to create huge variations of harmony and robotic vocoder effects.

Try FIREMINT Pitch & Formant Shifter as part of your Reason Rack today.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible