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Flower Audio Loudness Meter


Flower Audio

  • • Measures, peak, RMS and perceived loudness
  • • Digital display
  • • Buttons for easy reference testing

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Flower Audio Loudness Meter is a precise tool that measures the loudness levels that listeners will perceive. Use it when finishing a track to make sure you reach a target loudness level, when finishing an album to make levels consistent, or to make sure quiet parts of your songs are not too quiet to be enjoyed in the car or outside. Also features a numerical peak meter.

Product details

Know where you stand in the loudness wars: Every musician wants their tracks to stand out of the crowd in terms of loudness, yet at the same time, many records cause ear fatigue after a short time of listening. To know where you want to, and where you will stand in this loudness dichotomy, you need a precise tool that will show you how loud tracks really are.

Cannot be fooled: Flower Audio Loudness Meter is an essential mastering and reference tool that measures how loud listeners will perceive music. Its perceived loudness calculation is based on studies analyzing people's perception of loudness and is a standard algorithm used by many radio stations and TV channels.

Designed for the conscientious musician: Additionally, the Loudness Meter features a precise peak meter which can be combined with the loudness meter by pushing the display mode button to show the average dynamic range of the music rather than the loudness level. A main/reference input selector makes it easy to compare loudness levels with audio tracks of other songs.

Features: - Perceived/RMS loudness calculation. - Calculation window of 0.4, 3, 5 or 10 seconds - Easy switching between main and reference audio inputs for comparison - Left, right and combined maximum peak meter displays - Left and right loudness meter displays - Large total loudness display with dynamic range display mode.



Released: 2012-08-13
Version: 1.0.0