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Multiband Dynamics

Flower Audio

  • • 4-Band compressor, limiter and gate
  • • Perfect reconstruction filters
  • • Flexible routing design

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4Dyne is a multiband dynamics processor with very transparent perfect reconstruction frequency splitters. It splits the audio into up to four frequency bands and applies high quality compression, limiting and gate to each band to give you complete control over the dynamics of your sound.

Use it before a limiter in your mastering chain to perfect your master; or in mixing for de-essing and general treatment of vocals and instruments, or to compress and shape your sounds in new interesting ways.

Product details

Flower Audio is pleased to introduce to you, our mastering multiband dynamics processor: 4Dyne.

Perfect filters: It splits the audio using perfect reconstruction frequency splitters that can cut your sound into multiple bands in such a way that if you sum the frequencies back, you get the same sound you started with. This means that the sound is changed only as subtly or heavily as you apply effects to each of 4Dyne's 4 bands.

Designed for mastering needs, great for mixing, vocal treatment and sound design magic: You can compress, limit and gate each band at the same time to shape the sound and control dynamics. The organization of the dynamics processors, automatically-latency-compensated look-ahead functions, RMS/Peak level detection, small ratios for upward expansion and the dry-wet knobs give you many options to get the sound you desire.

Fully connected with the rest of the rack: Send-return loops at the back of the device for each band's compressed wet and uncompressed dry signals, separate band outputs, side-chain inputs, gain reduction CV outputs and band volume CV inputs make 4Dyne a true Reason device and allow you to take full advantage of Reason's free routing.

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Released: 2015-04-01
Version: 1.0.2