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Murder RhythmCutter

Creative RhythmMachine


  • • New rhytms in 8 steps per Beat, Synced to Tempo
  • • Gater, Pitcher, Repeater, Reverser, Filter, Hybrid
  • • 8 steps per Beat, 8 FX per step

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Audio examples

Introducing a powerful rhythmic cutter effect. With the MURDER rack extension, it is possible to generate various arps and sequences with a few effects to create new complex rhythms for any incoming signal.
With GRID SIZE, you can cut incoming audio signals into slices in steps that are synced to your Reason project tempo. 
STEPS PER BEAT sets the number of steps that are grouped as one beat. The RHYTHM MASK section includes up to 8 steps. Each step can be routed to various FX types and fx-hybrid variations. This part of the device is used to build new rhythms from scratch. The following are basic effects that can be routed to rhythm mask; 8 steps with 8 effect-variations:
- None (step is muted)

- Gate
- Repeat (each step repeats audio from previous step)

- Gate + Repeat (hybrid fx) 
- Pitch / Reverse (pitch transposed up/down one octave, steps played in reverse) 

- Gate + Pitch / Reverse (hybrid fx)

- Repeat + Pitch / Reverse (hybrid fx)

- Gate + Repeat + Pitch / Reverse (hybrid fx)

In the GATE CREATOR section, you can control the Gate Depth and Length of gated steps before they are muted. This section also contains a Filter (HP/LP morph filter) for gated steps and a random filter per step.
The RECREATE section controls Repeat and RePitch effects. The REVERSE section controls playing mode in reverse with an offset. MURDER is a powerful creative engine for your tracks.

Product details

This is a creative effect that helps you apply new rhythmic lines as sequences or arps to your incoming signal. New rhythm cutter steps modify the structure and sound of the incoming signal and create absolutely new rhythms.
A complex solution for building and breaking up any type of sounds.


GRID SIZE - Cuts incoming audio signals as steps / slices into steps, synced to the Reason project tempo
STEPS PER BEAT - Number of steps that are grouped as one beat
SHUFFLE - Length of even steps, relative to odd steps, for a shuffle feel
SMOOTH - Crossfade between each grid step to reduce clicks and make transitions smoother
RHYTHM MASK - Mask of processed rhythm beats in 8 steps with various effects per step
- NONE (step is muted)

- GATE (how much steps will be gated)

- REPEAT (each step repeat audio from previous step)

- GATE + REPEAT (hybrid fx)

- PITCH / REVERSE (pitch transposed up/down by one octave, steps played in reverse)

- GATE + PITCH / REVERSE (hybrid fx)

- REPEAT + PITCH / REVERSE (hybrid fx)

- GATE + REPEAT + PITCH / REVERSE (hybrid fx)
RHYTHM MASK MATRIX - Visual matrix for setting 8 step, 8 effect variations


RE-GATE - How much each grid step will be gated
LENGTH - Length of gated steps before they are muted
DEPTH - When gating is applied
FILTER HP/LP - Morphing filter to gated steps
FILTER RANDOM PER STEP - Random filter cutoff position per step between lowpass and highpass


REPEATS - Probability that each grid step will repeat the audio of the previous step
REPITCH - Probability that each grid step will be pitched up or down one octave
REVERSE AMT - Probability that each grid step will be played in reverse
REVERSE OFFSET - Delay offset when playing in reverse, to allow reversed transients to be aligned where you want them


BLEND - Dry/Wet proportion for incoming / processed signal
SOFT BYPASS - Soft bypass variant for MURDER RhythmCutter effect



Released: 2018-11-12
Version: 1.0.0