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Grid64P0 Keyboard Player

Grid64P0 Grid Keyboard

Retouch Control

  • • Keyboard interface for 8x8 grid midi controllers
  • • Two-way communication with supported controllers
  • • Create your own note layouts

The grid64 Player series of rack extensions takes inspiration from the tools developed over the years by the user community of grid MIDI controllers, and wants to bring some of those workflows to the Reason environment.

The model P0 is the first player in the series and its goal is to provide a flexible and programmable keyboard interface to use with grid MIDI controllers. It is best suited for controllers with an 8x8 pad layout and the models supported are the Novation Launchpads, NI Maschine Jam, Ableton Push and the Akai APC Mini. For those, you can download custom Remote files which enable two-way communication with Reason*.

After setting up your controller, grid64|P0 can be used to play any rack instrument using a variety of isomorphic note layouts. Additionally, you can create custom layouts to suit your own needs and thanks to patches, layouts can be recalled quickly avoiding time consuming MIDI assignments.

The device has two Engine types. Engine 1 is fully programmable, whilst Engine 2 is hard coded for devices like Kong and Dr.Octorex allowing to play Kong drums, trigger slices or entire Rex loops with ease.

If you have ever wanted to integrate a grid controller into your Reason workflow, the grid64 Player offers an easy way to do that.

If you don’t have a grid controller, you can still use a midi keyboard to trigger the grid64 Player.

  • Reason standalone mode only, the Reason Rack plugin does not support Remote.
    Download the Remote files HERE.

Version History: please refer to the product manual

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible