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NoteSet Corrector || Filter

NoteSet Player

Retouch Control

  • • Harmony based note corrector || filter
  • • works with the ChordSet RE
  • • Player Device

NoteSet is a player device which works in conjunction with the ChordSet Rack Extension. The player corrects or filters incoming notes based on the chord received at the CV inputs from the ChordSet device. It can be used to correct or filter notes played live from a MIDI keyboard, from MIDI clips in the sequencer or from devices like Matrix or similar.

The player offers four operation modes:

Automatic: incoming notes are corrected to the closest note of the currently playing chord

Linked: incoming notes are corrected to the closest note in the scale linked to the currently playing chord. In this mode, the user can assign custom scales for each linked chord

Static: incoming notes are corrected to the closest note in the “static” scale chosen, independently of the chord being played

Chord Thru: the player can be used to write the chords received from ChordSet to midi notes in the sequencer using the “Direct Record” or “Send to Track” functions.

In contrast to the Scale & Chords player, NoteSet does not use a predefined musical scale, it’s always adapting to the chords being played. The same incoming notes are corrected or filtered to different notes with each new chord, and this can create more interesting melodic and bass parts. In some cases, for example with parallel or more jazzy progressions, there is often no fixed musical scale, so note correction or filtering based on the chord notes is likely to produce better results. With the addition of “Linked” mode, the user can customize the notes used for correction individually for each chord, thus allowing the creation of more advanced set-ups for harmonic and melodic experimentation.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible