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HighPass LowPass Filter 1224

HPLP Filter 1224

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Characteristic stepped frequencies
  • • Input drive, peak and CV Control
  • • Great looking UI and easy to use

Audio examples

King Tubbys high pass filter was known as “the big knob”. He often used it to sweep the reverbs and echos in his dub mixes. In the same series there was also a lowpass filter – both had characteristic and specific stepped frequencies. This is where the inspiration for HighPass Filter 1012 and LowPass Filter 1024 came from. The 1012 is a 12dB/octave slope highpass filter while the 1024 is 24dB/octave lowpass, both with peak control and input transistor drive to boost the signal while giving it some analog heat. The CV jacks on the back lets you smoothly modulate the cut off frequencies with control voltage. The HPLP Filter 1224 combines both the HP and LP in one unit for quick and easy usage. 

The HPLP Filter 1224 is part of the Vintage Filter Suite Bundle together with HP Filter 1012 and LP Filter 1024. Get all three of them for a reduced price at almost 60% discount in the Vintage Filter Suite!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible