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Ivy Note CV Harmonizer


  • • Create musical harmonies the fast way
  • • Set a unique harmony rule for all 12 notes
  • • Be creative with polyphony in the Reason rack

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Ivy is a polyphonic note CV Harmonizer, which is a type of instrument utility device. It listens to the notes you play via MIDI or CV, and creates and a new set of notes to musically harmonize with the original notes you played.

Connect Ivy up to two of your favourite Reason instruments via separate Gate/Note CV outputs to create harmonizing musical parts from a single MIDI track. You may also use multiple instances of Ivy together to build chords by combining them, or daisy-chaining them together.

You can program Ivy to create rules for harmony, which will determine the musical pitch relationship that exists between the original notes you play, and the new notes that Ivy generates. Ivy lets the user select a global harmonizing interval for any notes received, or by enabling 'Advanced Mode' instead, the user may select a unique harmonizing interval for each of the twelve musical notes.

  • Be creative; much is possible when every harmony layer has it's own signal path in the rack!

  • Build chords or complex polyphonic musical sounds

  • Enhance your workflow when creating musical harmonies in your song projects

  • Experiment with musical harmony in real-time

  • Practice playing scales; sync your notes to a musical key, or filter unwanted notes

-Includes 30+ harmonizing combinator patches

  • Supported in Reason versions 7 and up

Product details

  • Basic Interval rotary for creating harmony parts in seconds
  • 12x Interval rotaries for setting a unique harmonizing interval for each musical note
  • 12x Note Mute switches for blocking notes and/or creating custom scale behaviours
  • Octave control changes the octave of harmony notes
  • Key Sync switch syncs interval values to a musical key
  • Mute Accidentals switch automatically blocks incoming notes which aren't in the specified key
  • Clear button instantly kills all notes

  • Switchable note input source: CV in OR standard note input

  • Chromatic Note On Lamp Display acts as a visual aid in both folded and unfolded views
  • Polyphonic algorithm fully harmonizes any notes received as input
  • Distributes lead melody and harmony Gate/Note CV separately, for full polyphonic control of harmonizing parts inside the Reason rack
  • Slim-line design saves space in the rack where multiple instances or Ivy are used

  • Automatable controls

  • Compatible with Reason's Player devices and CV Note devices such as arpeggiators
  • Standard patch support (includes 30+ pre-set combinator instruments)
  • User guide includes crash course in music theory for Ivy, and tutorial for building combinator patches with Ivy

  • Supported in Reason versions 7 and up

--v1.0.1 Update-- -Fixed octave +2 bug


Ivy User Guide



Released: 2018-03-22
Version: 1.0.1