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Step Note Recorder

Pitch Sequencer

Robotic Bean AB

  • • Instant step recording for Reason!
  • • Transform the sequence in creative ways
  • • Full automation and CV support

Audio examples

MIDI step recording has finally arrived in Reason!

Step was inspired by the sequencers found in some classic mono synths, where you could record simple melodies one note at a time. You’ll find all the usual features like rests, ties and octave shift – But why stop there? So we went ahead and added velocity recording, playback directions, gate widths, repeats, conditions and on-the-fly scaling. The result is fun, fast and addictive!

  • If you want pattern capabilities, Step pairs really well with our free RE Select CV Switch!
  • You can also bounce your Step sequences to a track, thanks to the Player devices in Reason 9 and later. Read all about it here.
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible