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Mercury 4 Voice Polyphonic Arpeggiator



  • • Polyphonic Arpeggiator w/ PolyCV

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Welcome to Mercury! A true 4 voice polyphonic arpeggiator for the Reason Rack! Mercury features functionality than exceeds those of a typical arpeggiator. Packed with features like Chord Matrix, Scale Conformation, Auto-Chord and more, Mercury is designed to help you with the creative process of your music quick and easy!

Product details

Mercury is a true 4 voice polyphonic arpeggiator for the Reason Rack! Nevertheless, it features functionality than exceeds those of a typical arpeggiator. Mercury incorporates a set of functions, to allow musicians to work more efficiently with chord designing and sequencing. Just hit a chord and let Mercury do it's magic!!!

Mercury can be used either in your songs, or for live performances where you want a fast and easy way to play chord sequences and progressions.

In particular, Mercury main features are:

  • Polyphonic Arpeggiator: Fully featured apreggiator with Range, Pitch / Transpose, Gate and Shuffle (controls similar to those of RPG-8).

  • Chord Matrix: A very intuitive way to "design" chords, chord variations and custom apreggiations.

  • Scale Conforming: Conform all played notes to a specific key or scale.

  • Auto-Chord: A Yamaha style Auto chord function, for playing chords easy.

  • Latch Mode: Press a chord momentarily and Mercury will keep playing until you hit the same chord again.

  • CV Friendly: Apply custom tweaks to the chord sequencer for up to 4 different parameters. Each one will be exported simoultaneously to all target instruments.

  • Other Features: ... such as dedicated section for velocity handling, the ability to run through the chord matrix sequencer steps using external CV and more...

Mercury comes with a set of 110 patches and combinators. "Setup" combinator patches contain setups for all native reason instruments, to get you started quickly and effortlessly. "Multis" folder contains entire song setups, that can be triggered simply by pressing a chord, a strong proof of what this baby can do!

Version 1.5.1

  • Fixed the stuck notes bug on Zero Hybrid Synth.

  • Added extra Setup Combis from non native / third party instruments to the shipped bundle.

Version 1.5.0

  • Fixed the Pitch -> Octave Knob which counted 5 steps instead of 7

  • Added PolyCV output support.

IMPORTANT: PolyCV Note / Gate pairs work with instruments implementing the PolyCV protocole by Blamsoft, as receivers. PolyCV outlets do NOT work with regular CV / Gate pairs



Released: 2015-11-26
Version: 1.5.1