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Little LFO

LFO/Oscillator Bank

Little IO

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Little LFO is a semi-modular oscillator bank. Create a wealth of sounds and complex rhythmic patterns using a huge variety of internal and external modulation.

Check out the songs below, which use Little LFO almost exclusively for sound and modulation.

Product details

Cool Features - Separate portamento for each oscillator - Pulse width control for all waveforms - All active oscillators automatically hooked into a modulation cycle - Adjustable phase correction speed for tempo synced oscillators

Standard Features - 4 Oscillators - 15 Waveforms - Frequency controlled by keyboard, tempo or freely set - Optional anti aliasing - Amplitude, frequency, phase and pulse width controls for each oscillator - Amplitude, frequency, and phase modulation between oscillators - Keyboard synchronization for each oscillator - Oscillator synchronization between oscillators - ADSR envelope automatically hooked up to amplitude - 2 CV outputs for ADSR envelope - CV inputs for oscillator amplitude, frequency, phase and pulse width - Audio outputs with and without envelope - Bipolar and unipolar CV outputs, each with and without envelope - Gate and note CV input and output/throughput

Little LFO comes with 125 Combinator patches made by 9 patch designers, with instruments such as synths, basses, drum kits, and sound effects.


A very special thank you to the awesome beta testers, patch designers and artists who submitted songs!



Released: 2015-06-01
Version: 1.0.1