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Mixfood Ambi Urban Ambiance Generator

Ambiance Generator

Studio Corbach

  • • Crystal Clear Stereo Samples (over 1200 MB)
  • • Loopable, Reversable and Live Recorded
  • • 8 Oscillators, Effects, LFO's, Envelopes and more

Audio examples

284 Super High Quality samples, looped, solo and reversable. For generating real sounding ambiances. Fireworks, cars, trains, planes, construction, crouds, nature, water, home appliances, humans and more!
Create a perfect mix by setting the 8 generators!
All generators have their own filters, effects, EQ’s, LFO’s and envelopes.
Perfect for all music that need a relaxing or creapy ambiance.

Now you can create real stereo ambiances or background noises like you’ve never did before in the comfort of your studio…

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible