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Mixfood Stutter 128 Sample Fun

Mixfood Stutter 128

Studio Corbach

  • • Unique User-Sample Stutter Effect
  • • Step Sequencer with Velocity Sliders (128-steps)
  • • Fun, Creativity, Musicality and Rhythm

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Fun, creativity, musicality and rhythm are the keywords to describe Mixfood Stutter 128.

Product details

Mixfood Stutter 128 is a creative device that uses 1 or 2 user samples to create a rhythmic and musical stutter effect using a 128-step Step Sequencer.

  1. Load in samples in sample slot 1 and/or 2.
  2. Set the velocity sensitive step-sliders.
  3. Tweak the effects on the sample slot.
  4. Finally, set the 4 step-properties: sample start, key, panning and decay.

Mixfood Stutter 128 will play a unique pattern with your samples.


Mixfood Stutter comes with a 128-step step sequencer for playing up to 8 bars of rhythmic sequences. Settings include rate and swing. The Step Sequencer also controls the following properties per-step:

  1. Which user sample to play (1 or 2)
  2. Play velocity
  3. Sample Start position
  4. Key (tone) the step is playing (-24 to +24 semitones, default MIDI key 60)
  5. Panning
  6. Decay


Mixfood Stutter 128 contains 2 sample slots. Each sample slot loads a user sample. Pick your own sample or create something unique with the packed samples. Most common synthesizer controls are present, volume, tuning, panning, sample start, filter and eq. Also multiple effects are there to make Mixfood Stutter 128 a unique and super creative device. Effects include:

  1. Timestretch function*
  2. Extra filters (LP, HP, BP and COMB+/-)
  3. Flanger
  4. Phaser
  5. Chorus
  6. Delay
  7. Reverb
  8. Panning (post-effect)

*Please read the manual for usage tips!


On the backside you'll find Separate Audio Outputs for the Dry and Wet signal of the 2 sample slots. This allows you do much more with the audio signal coming from Mixfood Stuter 128.


Mixfood Stutter 128 is a super creative device in your Reason Rack. Giving you a way to be super creative with your samples. Packed with a lot of features and with a well thought-out workflow, Mixfood Stutter 128 will bring you lots of FUN while making your next hit!



Released: 2019-03-15
Version: 1.0.0