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  • • Open design with a hands-on feel
  • • Lush Pads|Big Leads|Dreamy Keys|Fat Bass Sounds
  • • Envelope control of separate oscillators

Audio examples

Go back in time with Morningstar RE

Morningstar RE is designed for lush pads, big leads, dreamy keys and fat bass sounds. Every visible knob, fader and button on Morningstar is placed in a layout that feels open and gives you everything you need to create your sound with a fluidity most often only available on analog hardware synths. And if you do want to dig deeper, the built in Matrix opens up access to even more control of the filters, oscillators, envelopes and more. Morningstar is designed to keep your creativity flowing, to let you stay in that zone where anything is possible.

Designed with these key features in mind:

  • Analog style synthesizer with fast hands on controls and deep programming features
  • 3 oscillators with Saw|Square|Triangle|Sine|Self Osc Mode and 1 Noise oscillator
  • PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) modes for each wave
  • Unique Filter Module: State Variable, combined with a multi-mode Ladder filter
  • Separate Amp Envelopes for each oscillator that can be locked to Amp Env 1
  • Analog style Mono and Legato modes and up to 10 voices polyphony
  • Effects purposely designed to complement, not complicate your sound
  • Modulation Matrix with access to even more controls for advanced sound design
  • 4 CV inputs for external modulation
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible