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Morphine 8 Digital Drum Module

Glitch Morph Sampler

DNA Labs

  • • MPC Style Glitch Repeater
  • • Automated Pitch Morphing w/ X Echo
  • • 8 Slot Sampler & 64 Step Sequencer

Audio examples

The Morphine 8 Digital Drum Module Sampler is here, an alien species of drum samplers equipped with a modern sound bank of trap based 808 ammunition! Morphine 8 includes, trunk devastating distorted 808 subs, tight kicks, processed snares, crisp claps, clean closed hihats, pristine open hihats, huge cymbals, rises, melodies, fx, and even sequences. This drum module will accelerate creativity with sequenced glitch morph pitch and mpc style sample repeat and stereo x echo effects. You can load up to 8 samples per patch (use/edit existing samples or use/edit your own wave files) and even save custom drum sets and sequences! Morphine 8 is a modern beast of a drum machine rack extension for producers of all genres ranging from trap, hip hop, dub step, house, & all creative electronic dance music.
Warning: Creativity and inspiration may rise to unsafe levels, use this drum machine at your own risk!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible