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MultiTap Delay

MultiTap Delay

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • 8 syncable delay taps
  • • Individual control & global scaling of parameters
  • • Extensive CV connectivity

Audio examples

MultiTap Delay is an eight tap delay unit with delay times from 10-2999 milliseconds with even longer times possible in sync mode, all the way up 8/4, or two bars.
Each tap has individual controls for TIME, PAN, LEVEL, FEEDBACK and FREQ. Time, Feedback and Frequency can be scaled globally via the SCALE controls.

MultiTap Delay also has global controls for SATURATION, TONE (Lo cut, Hi cut and resonance of the frequency set for each tap) and an LFO that can modulate the resonance or the time.

On the back of the unit there is an extensive amount of CV connections for controlling individual parameters of the taps and global controls. There is also a LOFI control for adjusting of the bit resolution of the delay circuitry. A high LOFI value will introduce jittering and instability, great for adding texture when creating reverb like echos.

MultiTap Delay is great for intricate modulated delay patterns and reverberation effects. Pan each tap in the stereo field to achieve wide spaces and adjust filter frequency to spread the echoes throughout the frequency spectrum, make timeshift effects by twisting the time scale or modulate with the LFO or go crazy with CV routing for experimental sound design.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible