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Particle Emitter

LoveOne Consulting AB

  • • Granular effect

Audio examples

Neutron is a creative effect that brings basic granular synthesis to the Reason rack. Neutron can transform sound into harsh grit, pops, and clicks, and chop sound into small staccato pieces. But it can also blend several seconds of sound into a single continuous, slowly evolving, mushy soundscape. Neutron is capable of creating a huge range of widely different effects that are difficult to achieve with the Legacy devices in Reason, and tweaking its controls often yield surprising and delightful results.

Version 1.1.0 adds the ability to synchronize the particles to tempo, and fixes a few bugs.

Version 1.1.1 fixes a crash bug.

Product details

Neutron has two main features: a sound buffer and a particle emitter. Each particle created by the emitter extracts and shapes a very short piece of audio from the sound buffer. The particles are sent through a resonant filter and an amplifier before they are passed on to the audio out sockets.

The particle emitter has variable size and position. Together with the pattern selector, these properties determine from where in the sound buffer the particles will extract audio. The emitter also has a spread property, which controls the rate at which particles are created. Tweaking the emitter properties allows you to explore the buffer forwards and backwards in time.

The particles generated by the emitter can be manipulated by changing their pitch, type, and lifetime. The pitch property creates pitch shifts of the output sound, either continuous or in semitone steps. The type property selects the amplitude envelope used to extract audio from the sound buffer, which shapes the overtone and noise characteristics of the output. The lifetime determines the length of sound extracted from the buffer by each particle.

All properties can be automated and/or modulated by CV, which makes it easy to create soundscapes that vary over time - in fact, modifying the properties "live" is the best way to get the most out of Neutron!

Have fun!



Released: 2013-07-04
Version: 1.1.1