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NSGate Noise Gate

Modern Noise Gate FX


  • • Modern & Flexible NoiseGate boutique effect
  • • Inspired by 2 pedals MXR NoizeClmp & Drkglz NZG
  • • Include custom gate envelope settings

Audio examples

A noise gate is an audio effect commonly used in recording studios and live performances to control unwanted background noise (like produces with high- gain guitar amps, huge value of distortion, overdrive and fuzz effects) or as example for ambient sounds. It helps to clean up the audio signal by eliminating or reducing the volume of quieter sounds below a set threshold level.

The primary function of a noise gate is to distinguish between wanted, and unwanted sounds based on their volume levels. When the input audio signal falls below the threshold, the gate closes, effectively muting or reducing the output volume. As soon as the input signal rises above the threshold, the gate opens, allowing the audio to pass through unaffected.

The noise gate effect is a valuable tool for audio engineers and musicians for controlling unwanted noise and improve the quality of recorded or live audio performances.

The noise gate effect can also be creatively employed to shape the dynamics of a sound. By
adjusting the threshold, attack, and release parameters, one can create the “pumping” effects often heard in electronic music genres.

NSGATE effect reproduces noise-gate effects, It draws it’s inspiration from the two most known modern guitar pedals (MXR™ Noise Clamp and Darkglass™ NSG). NSGATE includes access to individual controls of the gate envelope (Attack, Hold, Release, Range) as Custom Settings, that can completely alter the character of this noise-gate model’s default values.

Try out NSGATE now as the most flexible noise-gate effect in your Reason Rack.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible