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PX1 Dual FM Synthesizer

PX1 FM Synthesizer


  • • Two engines with 16 voices of 6 Operator FM
  • • Parameter value compatible with the DX7
  • • Useful macro parameters + Reverb + Random Button

Audio examples

New in version 1.1.0:
Explore the universe of FM sounds with the new Random button -
a small button with HUGE functionality.

Use the Random button to get a new high quality patch in the chosen Engine. Then turn on the second engine and use the Random button to get a patch that goes well with the first.

This almost too smooth FM synthesizer can produce the FM sounds of the eighties and much more. It has two engines of 16 voice 6 OP FM. Each engine is actually parameter values compatible with the DX7 so you can use DX7 patch charts and dial them in.

The PX1 has two engines and a Copy/Paste functionality so you can copy all parameters from one engine to another. The clipboard memory is kept even if you load another patch. This means that if you have e.g. two DX7 patches that are meant to be played in a dual DX synthesizer s.a. the DX1 you can load one patch, then copy, then load another patch and switch to the second engine and paste the first parameters to the second engine.

Another thing you can do is to have any patch in one engine and copy it to the second engine, then use the Spread macro knob to pan the two engines in stereo. Then change some small thing in one of the engines, e.g. a detune value for one of the operators, to get a really sophisticated and suble stereo effect.

To really explore the world of public domain DX7 patches, use the PX1 200k Collection for almost 200 000 sorted and unsorted DX7 patches converted to PX1 format.

Get the ReFill here: PX1 200k Collection ReFill

There is also a DX7 sysex file converter utility for macos/Windows that can be used to convert sysex files to PX1 repatch files.

Get it here: sysex2repatch

Send PX1 support questions to px1_support@pskonsult.se

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible