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Numerical Sound

  • • Converts any mono track into stereo
  • • Acoustically accurate 25 stereo fields to choose
  • • Sonically better sounding that anything

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Numerical Sound ReStereo instantly gives your mono tracks the highest-end stereo sound that only elite recording engineers could achieve - until now. Choose from 25 stereo fields that span every size from solo instrument to large ensemble. Innovative audiophile artifact-free design preserves both bass and maximum clarity automatically. Can improve every mono track in your mix.

Product details

Numerical Sound ReStereo brings options that could previously only be achieved at the recording stage to the mixing stage for the first time. It does not sound like a stereo plug-in: it sounds like a new stereo recording. But the design goes beyond by making the process fool-proof. With live stereo-miking engineers have to carefully control phase and pick-up patterns, using specific microphones and making sure to record in only the best acoustic spaces. With ReStereo, there are no phase or frequency artifacts on any sound you apply it to: you can use it on every track in a mix with great result.

ReStereo differs from stereo FX, because it does not sound like an effect at all. It just sounds like a better recording. The sound has a clearer sense of space, immediacy and realism that is fundamentally different from what a mono recording can provide alone. That’s because ReStereo mimics the way we really hear things: in real-life, the difference between what each of our ears hears places sounds in the world around us. Without that information, we sub-consciously recognize sound as artificial.

The ReStereo approach preserves transients and clarity, so you don’t get the smearing and wash that results from using too much reverb to place a mono sound in the stereo field. It also avoids the “recognizable effect” hurdle that so many other stereo effects (such as modulation effects like chorus, flanger or phaser or band-splitting plug-ins) that can make a recording sound artificial. The realism of the ReStereo sound means that it can be used in any genre.

ReStereo’s easy design means you can quickly try it on any sound. Want to emulate the stereo vocal approach of multi-Platinum recordings like Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Just throw ReStereo onto the mono vocal track. Want to try giving that bass a sense of space? Hear it in seconds with ReStereo.

  • Adjust the stereo width and pan to precisely position a track in a mix. “ Audiophile design supports 22.05, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 and 192 KHz sample rates, with processing transparently optimized for each sample rate.



Released: 2012-10-10
Version: 1.0.1