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RPEQ Effect


Rob Papen

  • • Top Notch Mastering and channel EQ
  • • 8 Band EQ with Mid/Side mode
  • • Mono/Stereo filter and Air function

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Today there are a number of different EQ’s why another one? Well, Rob Papen is all about sound and he was convinced he could add something great to the Reason Rack Extension EQ world!

When you open RP-EQ in your Reason Rack you will see that it is far from a bread-and-butter equalizer and several unique elements were added to the core equalizer unit. The toolbox now includes a MONO/STEREO Split filter, which is used a lot in modern EDM/Dance music to get a very tight low end. The Air section is also fantastic on your master channel to open your mix in a stunning way.

And in true Rob Papen style, RP–EQ comes with many great Presets including contributions from several well-known DJs and Producers for instant user inspiration.

Product details

Latest version 1.0.2 Changed Mono Filter to zero-delay filter

version 1.01. Bug fixing: note display bands 5-8

Features: Mastering and channel EQ with built in Spectrogram for Propellerhead Reason 9.2 or higher

EQ - 8 Band EQ with Frequency, Gain and Bandwidth. - EQ dials and function controls. - EQ graphic screen. - Mid/Side mode with 4 Mid bands and 4 Side bands. - Lock mode for Frequency and Gain. - MIDI Note selecting for each band instead of using Frequency. - Each band can be made visual or hidden in the graphic field. - Each band can be played solo.

Saturation - Mild tube saturation with a selector for pre-eq.

Air - Open your mix or track by using the Air feature. - Frequency range between 30kHz to 40kHz. - Gain of 6db max.

Filter - HiPass Filter in 12dB or 24dB mode. - LowPass Filter in 12dB or 24dB mode. - Two Filter colour/sound types - Resonance (Q) control.

Mono / Stereo Filter
- Great tool for inside the mix bus or while mastering. - Instead of frequency you also can select a MIDI note as the split point for the filter. - Clicking on the Mono / Stereo button will turn On / Off the Mono / Stereo effect. - Controls are: Frequency. - Solo on/off. - Visual inside the graphic display On/off. - Several Modes. These determine how the sound is ‘mono-fied’, either using the left or right channels, the average of the left & right channels (L+R) or the difference between the left & right channels (L – R).

Back Panel Screen -The back screen of RP-EQ shows the Input / Output audio connections and also CV input to each band's frequency, bandwidth & gain, also the Low-pass / High-pass filter frequency and Q(resonance).



Released: 2018-10-03
Version: 1.0.2