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S73 Electric Piano

Sampled Suitcase Piano

J Chris Griffin

  • • DI, Amp, and Room Signals - Simultaneously!
  • • Multiple Note, Mechanical, Lift and Pedal Layers
  • • Vintage And Modern Effects Processors Included


“Many years ago, 2003 to be exact, Reason Studios (then Propellerheads) asked me to put together a ReFill of vintage keyboards for Reason 2.5. I sampled a Rhodes Stage, a Wurlitzer Stage, an Hohner Pianet, an Original Hammond Model A (with Leslie 122) and some other classic keyboards. My friend Kristoffer Wallman donated a “Tube Amp” Rhodes and a Clavinet to the other 10 or so instuments, birthing the Electromechanical ReFill. It was well received - maybe because it was free - and it’s now part of the Reason Factory Soundset (you have these!). My love affair with electromechanical pianos and organs has never stopped.

The next year (2004) I booked Avatar Studios (the Power Station) in my hometown of New York to produce a “holy grail” electric piano instrument. We recorded 3 instruments over several days with the best equipment - Neve Consoles, original Pultec EQs, Neumann microphones, Avalon processing, Apogee converters - the works. I also wanted the very instrument that was on the records that influenced my love for this sound in the first place. The circa-1978 Rhodes Suitcase we recorded is the one on so many recordings through the 1980s and 1990s.

However, when the samples were finished, no computer on earth could handle the playback. Alas, I released pared-down versions made for computers of the time and put the full recordings on the shelf until technology was ready.”

“If I released only the Direct-Signal version, like many developers do, it would’ve been fine. I could’ve emulated the amp sound and used convolution reverb to emulate the studio room, but that’s already been done (quite well) by others. These had to wait.”

Tired Of Waiting…

“In 2022 I went back to these electric piano recordings and reworked them again. The S73 Electric Piano is the result. It’s the most realistic electric piano of this type I’ve ever played.

Most electric piano emulations focus on one thing - the “bark” for example - and forget about tines or warmth. I understand why this is, but still hate the way these instruments sound, even if they are best-sellers. I set out to solve this problem and develop a versatile, playable, affordable, authentic instrument that sounded like the ones on records I admire.

It’s For Me… And You

As with all of my Rack Extension offerings, I made this for myself first, though I know you will want it too. Try it! Play it! It will play and feel like the electric piano you always hoped others would be, especially if you’re a good player. I spent a fair amount of time voicing this instrument for feel and speed; I hope you enjoy the results.”

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible