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Virtual Audience

Virtual Audience

J Chris Griffin

  • • Create audiences of any size up to 40,000 people!
  • • Release samples make realistic endings
  • • Enhance existing audiences or make new ones!

Audio examples

Virtual Audience gives you the ability to create crowds and audiences of any size - from a small room of 10 people - to an arena or stadium of over 40,000 individuals.

These samples were taken from live recordings in some of the finest music venues and arenas in New York City for an amazingly authentic and believable experience, perfect for your next project.

Virtual Audience contains many release samples that capture the END of audience clapping and cheering; naturally decaying without fades that interfere with the illusion of realism.

Virtual Audience is made for music and video applications to either enhance an existing live audience or to create a believable audience that will move and flow with a performance.

On screen buttons, keys and other controls allow for quick edits and customization. An extensive array of controls that are normally hidden, insure your audience sounds like it was recorded live in the same room as your source material.

A global effects section rounds out the feature set with standards like reverberation and delay but also adds sample-grain pitch shifting and low and high pass filters for vintage effects. Now a live audience can be added to vintage recordings and films, perfectly matching the source material.

Music producers, recording Artists, television editors, film producers and others will all appreciate the flexibility of a Virtual Audience right in your Reason Rack.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible