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Slider Pitch Surface

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Slider is a utility device for the Reason rack which takes inspiration from Propellerhead's Figure iOS app. Just like in the app, you play instruments by moving over a pitch surface which contains a selection of notes from a given scale. This is a fast, intuitive, and fun way to create lead and bass lines.

Instead of your finger, in Slider you use the mouse cursor to move over the pitch surface (unless you have a touch screen or have mapped the device to an external XY pad!).

The rhythm of the lines is chosen from a set of 16 selectable patterns which are identical to the ones found in the Figure app. Additionally, an external Gate input allows you to use your own patterns from other rack devices, like Thor’s step sequencer or the Matrix sequencer for example.

The pitch surface can be configured in a variety of ways: you can control the octave range, the scale, the key and the density of the notes. All these parameters can be automated in the Reason sequencer thus expanding the range of musical lines which can be created.

Slider does not produce any sounds on its own. You need to connect its Note and Gate CV outputs to the CV and Gate inputs of an instrument like a synth or sampler.

The device is capable of outputting the horizontal and vertical position of the mouse movements as CV, so that you can alter the parameters of the device you are playing as you slide the cursor over the pitch surface.

Product details

Programmable pitch surface:

  • Pitch Density: adjust the number of notes which appear in the display area

  • Octave Range: adjust over how many octaves the notes spread out. The default is 1 octave and can be increased to 3 octaves

  • Octave Shift: shift the notes by +/-3 octaves from the base octave (C3 to B3)

  • Scale: force the notes to a variety of scales, including Chromatic, Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Dorian, Mixolydian, Lydian, Phrygian, Locrian, Super Locrian, Bhairav, Hungarian Minor, Minor Gypsy, Whole Tone, Minor Blues, Pelog, Minor Pentatonic, Major Pentatonic, Hirojoshi, In-Sen, Iwato, Kumoi, Diminished, Whole Half, Spanish

  • Key: change the key of the chosen scale.

Flexible Rhythmic Patterns:

  • Stock Patterns: patterns 1 thru 16 are the same ones found in the Figure app

  • External Patterns: use any pattern you create with Thor's step sequencer or the Matrix sequencer for example via the Gate input on the back of the device

  • OFF - No Pattern (Strum mode): in this mode you can strum chords by sliding the cursor over the pitch surface

Complete Automation:

  • X-Y movements: record your mouse movements in the sequencer and they will be played back just like you performed them!

  • Parameter Automation: automate every parameter on the panel, including the Scale, the Key and the Pattern which is playing

Remote Control

Slider really comes to life when controlled from a remote surface. If you have an assignable XY pad, or a tablet or smartphone with a MIDI controller app, then you are game.

New in version 1.0.2

  • Improved timing for the internal patterns 1 to 16
  • Changed the display colors for better contrast
  • "Seq Mode" on by default (the internal patterns play only when the Reason sequencer is running)

Product Support

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Released: 2015-04-27
Version: 1.0.2