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SMFX Dual Saturator

Dual Saturation Effect


  • • Dual channel saturation and¬†filtering
  • • Display and CV to control multiple settings
  • • CV Input display feedback

Audio examples

Dual channel saturation!

SMFX Dual Saturator is more than just a saturation effect. It’s a tool for creating new and unique basslines, crunchy filter pad sweeps, glitchy drums, break transitions, formant filtering and more!

Key features:

  • Stereo Dual Saturation and Filter Effect

  • Adjustable High-Pass and Low-Pass For Each Channel (Mono / Stereo / True-Stereo)

  • Three Filter Modes: SVF / Ladder / Digital

  • Adjustable Saturation Mix, Stereo Width, Dry/Wet

  • Custom Display for Automating Multiple Controls Quickly

  • Multiple CV-Inputs and Scaling for HP-LP Width, Range and Shift

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible