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DLD Technology

  • • Unforgiving gritty digital synthesis

Audio examples

Snakebite is a hybrid digital analog polyphonic synthesizer which is designed to make sounds that aren't possible using traditional virtual analog (VA) synth design.

Sound creation begins with the triple oscillator bank where each tone can be morphed in real time.

The sound is then passed through bit-crush, a screaming 18dB filter and finally digital distortion to create sounds not heard from tamer synths.

A retro BBD delay finishes the sound off, and can be modulated in real-time for crazy pitch shifting effects.

Analog control is available to detune things a bit (or a lot) and the binaural system can be enabled to create sub audio bass and increase the stereo field.

Plenty of external CV control is available, and the audio path can be broken to insert external audio or pre-filter effects.

Product details


  • Triple oscillator with variable shape and morph controls
  • 18db highly resonant low pass filter
  • Venom control for filter overdrive
  • Pre-filter bitcrush for extra harmonics
  • Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) delay
  • Binaural sub audio bass (8-15Hz)
  • Flexible matrix LFO / CV routing
  • Low DSP usage
  • Glowing snake eyes(!)

V1.2 Additions

  • Unison mode
  • Wide band filter mode (High & low pass filters +/- 1 octave)

V1.1 Additions

  • Full polyphonic mode
  • Retrig mode
  • High pass filter
  • Band pass filter
  • Filter tracking
  • Pitch bend amount

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Released: 2014-10-03
Version: 1.2.0