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TAPEFUNK M10 Tape Recorder


Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Juicy tape compression
  • • Warm and fat sound
  • • Easy to use

Audio examples

The Magic of Old School German Tape Technology in Your Rack!

TAPEFUNK M10 captures the spirit of real analog tape by Impulse Response and Hiss samples carefully recorded from the original unit by Past To Future Reverbs and then combined with DSP modelling of the tube type gain stage, tape style compression and limiting in this Rack Extension by Ekssperimental Sounds Studio.

Simple and great sounding tape warmth to any or all of your tracks. Super easy to use: just select tape model, hiss amount and balance input and output to taste!

In update 1.1.0 a Patch Browser has been implemented, and if you want to get in depth you can now open the panel and adjust the inner parameters!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible