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Tranzient Transient Shaper

Transient Shaper


  • • Make the signal more ransparent
  • • Shape drums, guitars, synths and more
  • • Solo Transients & Sustain

Audio examples

Transient shaping is a mixing technique which involves manipulating a sound’s initial attack which, in turn, helps to increase or decrease the strength of a transient.
Increasing a transients helps bring dynamics and punch to a recording. Transient shapers are used to control attack and release/hold on sounds and are especially
useful on drums for shaping kick, snare, and clap. Use is not limited to drum lines however, and transient shaping can also be applied to many other musical instruments.
Transient shaping is most often applied after first adding EQ and compression.

A transient shapers analyzes the initial attack of a waveform and manipulates it to create new results, as well as also managing the decay of a sound, affecting its decay. Re-recording sound for better results is always a possibility, but a Transient shaper can help to fix problems in your signal much more easily, saving you time.

Transient shapers also can be used for removing ugly room sounds. This technique is very similar to gating, but the final results sound far more natural.
Transients are present in most sounds, but are much more apparent in attack-heavy ones such as those created by pianos, drums and guitars.

TRANZIENT Transient Shaper manipulates the attack and holds parameters of a signal, regardless of level.
Usually, equalizers are used for the tonal parameters of the signal, but not the temporal parameters.
Manipulation of Attack and Sustain parameters can help to make the signal sound more transparent.
Turn2on TRANZIENT Rack Extension is a modern take on Transient shapers. It retains the basic functionality with the addition of Transient or Sustain signal Solo modes.

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