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The Filter Machine


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Unleash your creativity !

The most lightweight Filtering System for Reason is here.

From DSP engineers behind devoloop: Unifylter, the most useful and smart tool to blend better your tracks, now with 6 different filter algorithms, output gain controls and much more.

Product details

Unifylter is a High Quality and Low-CPU filtering System, in a clean but functional design.

Unifylter is the first Rack Extension for Reason that ensures extremely precise filtering calculations at lowest CPU costs.

The name Unifylter stands for "Different type filter algorithms Unifying System". Let the DSP do all the magic under the hood! We added CV Routing capabilities, too, for extreme creative purpose!

In this 1.1.0 update we implemented 6 different filtering algorithms:

  • Lowpass
  • Highpass
  • Bandpass CSG
  • Bandpass CZPG
  • Notch
  • Allpass

Furthermore, you have following controls at your disposal:

  • Cutoff Frequency
  • Resonance
  • Filter Type
  • Signal "ON" and "OVER" LED Indicators
  • Dry/Wet Amount
  • CV Input for Cutoff Frequency

Unifylter: Smart Filtering for Smart Reason Guys!



Released: 2013-07-12
Version: 1.1.0