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Virtual Drummer Solid

Virtual Drummer SOLID

UJAM Development GmbH

  • • Successor of the popular A-List Studio Drummer
  • • 1380 drumming patterns you can mix and match
  • • 200 sound presets covering 60 musical styles

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Your Drummer for Top Notch Tracks

In the studio world, few things are more desirable than a solid, reliable drummer that delivers perfect drum sounds with no drama and no fuss. Such talent is incredibly rare and expensive, and that’s why we have created Virtual Drummer SOLID. Virtual Drummer SOLID Rack Extension has all you need to get beautiful, realistic acoustic drums across many popular styles and genres. This Rack Extension instrument is the successor to the A-List Studio Drummer and adds fantastic new flavors to Reason.

Despite its amazing sounds and powerful features, Virtual Drummer SOLID has a simple, straightforward user interface--a trademark of all UJAM Rack Extensions. That means beginners and professionals alike can lay down amazing drum tracks in no time.

Product details

Everybody Comes to Hollywood

Virtual Drummer SOLID Rack Extension is like having a seasoned professional drummer playing a pristine drum kit on your track. Its ultra-realistic sounds and fantastic performances cover many popular genres and moods so you can create top-notch tracks that will open record label executives’ doors, hearts, and wallets.

The key to this Rack Extension’s incredible sound is in the meticulous way it was recorded. We started with the highest quality ingredients: a fantastic drummer in a prime acoustical space with a collection of ‘desert island’ drum hardware. Then we hit record, captured each hit and phrase with a combination of premium microphones and recording chains to ensure the end results were of the highest caliber. In the end, we boiled all that goodness down to 200 sound presets covering 60 musical styles with a total of 1380 different patterns that can be mixed and matched to taste.

What you get

  • Build your own drum kits with kit editing options
  • New Master Section with saturation and maximizer
  • Fresh interface that is easy on the eyes and your brain
  • 200 sound presets covering 60 musical styles
  • 1380 different patterns you can mix and match easily

Buy the Virtual Drummer Bundle bundle and save 33%

Our Virtual Drummer Bundle contains all three of our glorious Virtual Drummers (SOLID, HEAVY and PHAT) and saves you 33% over buying them individually.

Heads up: - A-List Drummer is now Virtual Drummer Rack Extension. If you own one or more A-List Drummers, check your inbox to see your cross-grade pricing options! You’ll get your unique coupon code in a dedicated newsletter. But don’t worry if you’re happy with your existing A-List Drummer as this will remain unchanged in your account and be downloadable in perpetuity. - MIDI Drag and Drop is not supported in Rack Extensions, this feature is only available in VST, AU and AAX plug-ins. Check out SOLID at ujam for more information!



Released: 2019-09-30
Version: 2.0.2