Reason 12.0.0 Release Notes

  • Improved browser search

    • Reason now indexes all your REs and locations for immediate search results

    • Search results are now shown while typing in the search field

    • Search results are categorized by type

    • New key command for browser search: cmd+F (macOS) / ctrl+F (Windows)

    • REX files now audition in time with your project when sequencer is running

  • Reason is now high resolution

    • Reason now automatically scales to your screen and resolution settings

    • Application Zoom added to Reason, available in the Options menu (Standalone) or top bar (Reason Rack Plugin). The zoom level is global and saved in your preferences.

    • All built-in devices are now high resolution (and they look fantastic!)

    • Rack Extensions are now available in high resolution, update them via Companion

    • Optional devices (Klang, Pangea, Humana, Radical Piano) are now high resolution. To update these if they’re already installed, first remove them from your Music folder on your system.

    • The Mixer is now high resolution

  • Fixed a bug where recording latency compensation would not work properly

  • General fixes and improvements

Reason 11.3.9 Release Notes

  • Feature: Shift+doubleclick on note in Edit mode selects that note + all following notes until end of clip

  • Reason now falls back to Authorizer for updating licences, if Companion has been uninstalled, even for active Reason+ subscribers

  • Trailing and leading whitespaces are automatically trimmed from Reason login username field

  • Go To product page removed from Help menu for built in devices

  • Improved performance for Rack Extension panels and glass / dirt overlay graphics

  • Fixed a memory leak when loading samples

  • Fixed a bug that made Calc wheel displaying incorrect status
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use keyboard to move notes above or below existing notes of same length in piano roll

  • Fixed bug that caused crash when bouncing mono clip to MP3

  • Fixed a bug in Remote where controls scales incorrectly between control surfaces and Reason. Stepped controls mapped to knobs/faders and stepped outputs mapped to smooth displays were incorrectly scaled

  • Fixed a bug with malfunctioning external inputs on iZotope Neutron 3 (and possibly other plugins) in Reason Suite/Intro/Lite

  • Fixed a bug that caused Redrum to crash if user did Delete Sample in the Assigned Samples list in the Song Samples page in the browser

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening Sample Edit window for some users on macOS Big Sur

  • Fixed a bug with song samples browser refresh in Kong

  • Fixed bug that caused easy midi not to work on Windows

  • Fixed a bug with Auto-routing of send / return sockets in Rack Extensions

  • Improved error message for communication error alert

  • Improved error message when downloading Rack Extension license fails

  • Added retry option when Rack Extension license download fails

Reason 11.3.8 Release Notes

Fixed a bug where Windows users with French language setting got a crash upon opening Preferences

(Only available on Reason Standard and Reason Suite)

Reason 11.3.7 Release Notes

General improvements and fixes

(Only available on Reason Standard and Reason Suite)

Reason 11.3.6 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where Reason would not receive audio input on some versions of macOS in certain situations.

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to Run pattern devices inside a Combinator in Reason Rack Plugin.

Reason 11.3.5 Release Notes

  • Improved stability when running multiple Reason Rack Plugin instances

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused parameter automation to fail when running the AU Reason Rack Plugin in Live

Reason 11.3.4 Release Notes

  • Updated version of Beat Map (included in Reason & Reason Suite)
    • Two brand new maps, Arctic and Tharsis

    • A number of new device patches and Combinator style patches, using the new maps

    • Three quick buttons for setting Reset Step to 16, 32 or 64. These are especially useful when the maps play long, complex rhythms. Restrain the beat by selecting 16, and play a variation or fill by briefly selecting 64

    • Default value for Reset Step changed to 32

    • Fixed a bug where ratchets on the last step of a beat could be inadvertently skipped

    • Fixed a bug where Beat Map could sometimes go out of sync while playing back in Block Mode
  • Fixed a problem where the Send to Track button on Players would not work in Block Mode

  • Fixed issues when using Undo with some VST plugins in Reason

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused device parameters to reset to zero in the AAX version of Reason Rack Plugin Effect (when opening a document or changing instrument slot in Pro Tools)

  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when removing an instance of Reason Rack Plugin in Maschine

  • Changed heading text from Propellerhead to Reason Studios in the Create device menu

Reason 11.3.3 Release Notes

  • Skip button at plugin scanning now skips only one plugin instead of all remaining plugins
  • New “Enable All” button in Manage Plugins to re-enable all failed plugins for scan on restart
  • Fixed a bug where plugin scanning would fail if Windows username contained non-ASCII characters

Reason 11.3.2 Release Notes

  • Reason Rack Plugin for AAX is now available as "Effect" as well, under various effect submenus. With RRP Effect, the empty rack shows the most used effect devices, for quick access.
  • Added Remote files for Novation Launchkey mk3 series.
  • Browsing for Default Song Template in the Preferences will now open a regular OS file browser.
  • It's now possible to create a Player in a new rack by dragging and dropping it onto a rack divider.
  • Fixed a bug where aftertouch wasn't recognized from Arturia Keystep
  • Fixed a bug where PDC didn't adjust properly when exporting at a different sample rate.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sample Editor couldn't be used with some Rack Extensions.
  • Fixed a bug where Reason Rack Plugin could crash when using non-QWERTY keyboard layouts.
  • Fixed a bug where download of Optional Content could fail under MacOS Catalina.
  • Fixed a bug in RRP AU, where all MIDI CC from the MIDI Out Device defaulted to zero upon loading a document. This could cause silence since Volume, Expression and others were set to zero.
  • Fixed a bug with pattern devices in RRP, where automation of pattern selection would skip certain patterns.
  • Fixed a bug where the Save and Export dialogs didn't behave correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where recording could result in extremely short note lengths (due to double instances of keyboards in the preferences).
  • Fixed a bug where using Search in the MacOS file dialog would hang the dialog.
  • Improved compatibility with Vienna Symphonic Library, Waves and other plugins.
  • Fixed a bug where using Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, etc would fill up the Undo History in Logic.
  • Fixed a bug where updating Rack Extension licenses could stall Reason Rack Plugin.
  • Fixed shutdown problems with RRP.
  • Fixed so that Reason does not crash if a VST crashes during scanning

Reason 11.3 Release Notes

  • Reason Rack Plugin is now available to Pro Tools users as an AAX plugin
  • Installing VST3, AU and AAX plugins are now optional in the Reason installer (Please note: in any auto-update after Reason 11.3, Reason will respect which plugin formats you have installed)
  • Fixed a bug where Authorizer would not shut down correctly after updating licenses on Mac
  • Fixed a bug where dragging a Player on top of the rack divider would not create the Player
  • Fixed a bug where the text input fields on the save and export dialogs would be unresponsive on Mac
  • Fixed a bug where MIDI notes would become incredibly short when recording from multiple MIDI channels on the same track
  • Fixed a bug where recording Pitch Bend and Mod Wheel could create pure, unadulterated chaos in the Undo history
  • Fixed a bug where Reason Rack Plugin would start in a non-English language when it was not intended
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Reason Rack Plugin to crash when quitting a project in certain conditions and hosts
  • Improved compatibility with Waves plugins
  • Improved compatibility with some plugins, specifically those using eLicenser for copy protection on Mac

Reason 11.2.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where “Create…” menu items were unavailable
  • Fixed some cases where a Player would not auto-create an instrument
  • Fixes to the VST crash protection on Windows for increased plugin compatibility
  • Fixed a bug where the latest Authorizer would not be installed when updating Reason on Windows
  • Fixed a bug where joining cross faded clips would render parts of the audio with insert effects
  • Fixed a bug where device images in the browser could become corrupt with many plugins installed
  • Fixed a bug where browsing patches could temporarily remove browse focus in Reason Rack Plugin
  • Fixed a bug where Reason Rack Plugin could play 64 samples too early
  • Fixed a bug where the Wash algorithm in Audiomatic could self-oscillate indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug where the delay length of DDL-1 was not updated on sample rate changes
  • Improved auto-routing when replacing MIDI Out Device with an instrument
  • Improved error messages for file handling exceptions
  • Added MP3 export

Reason 11.2 Release Notes

  • New Player device included in Reason and Reason Suite: Beat Map Algorhythmic Drummer
  • New MIDI Out Device in Reason Rack Plugin, you can now send MIDI notes and MIDI CC to your host
  • New MIDI Out Device replacing the External MIDI Instrument in Reason standalone
  • Drag MIDI notes to track from Redrum, Dr OctoRex and Matrix from Reason Rack Plugin
  • New version of Authorizer with several improvements, including fixing an incompatibility with other software using CodeMeter
  • Fixed an issue where automating parameters in the AU version of Reason Rack Plugin did not work as expected
  • Fixed an issue with plugins using iLok when using Reason under macOS Catalina
  • Fixed an issue that made certain VST plugins crash (including SoundToys, Mastering the Mix and Cherry Audio)

Reason 11.1 Release Notes

  • Reason Rack Plugin is now available in AUv2 format
  • Reason 11.1 and Reason Rack Plugin are now notarized and ready for macOS Catalina
  • Added keyboard input to Reason Rack Plugin, you can now use Tab, Delete, Enter, cmd/ctrl+z and the arrow keys.
  • Added Bypass support to Reason Rack Plugin (VST3)
  • Fixed a bug where delay compensation did not work properly on mono tracks
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Authorizer instances could open simultaneously
  • Fixed a bug where opening a project with Reason Rack Plugin and missing Rack Extensions would cause a Bad Format error
  • Fixed a bug where the VST window could steal keyboard focus from the on screen keyboard in Reason
  • Fixed a bug where Kong's compressor could sound different when exporting
  • Fixed a bug where curved automation did not work on certain automation clips on Windows
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when exporting overlapping crossfade clips
  • Fixed a bug where invisible notes could be accidentally clicked in multi-lane editing
  • Fixed a bug where some Players would skip the first note in Reason Rack Plugin

Reason 11.0.2 Lite Release Notes

  • This update only applies to Reason 11 Lite
  • Remote support for the following M-Audio controllers:
    • Oxygen v4 Series
    • Code Series
    • Keystation mk3 Series
  • Added Remote mapping for new Reason devices for selected controllers

Reason 11.0.1 Release Notes

  • Reason Rack Plugin Effect now correctly reports latency to the host
  • Fixed a bug where Reason Rack Plugin could crash if you had authorized your computer but also saved your password for auto-login
  • Fixed a bug where Reason's interface could sometimes completely freeze when using several rack devices with advanced displays

Reason 11 Release Notes

  • Reason now includes Reason Rack Plugin, a plugin version of the Reason Rack
  • Added new device: Sweeper Modulation Effect
  • Added new device: Quartet Chorus Ensemble
  • Added new device: Master Bus Compressor
  • Added new device: Channel Dynamics
  • Added new device: Channel EQ
  • Curve automation lines between two automation points
  • Crossfade between two overlapping audio clips
  • Improved zoom, including individual track height, improved Zoom to Selection (Z) and increased zoom height
  • Mute MIDI notes using the Mute Tool or pressing M
  • New Pencil Tool mode to draw notes at current snap value
  • Absolute Snap, a new snap setting where events always snap to the grid
  • Improved key visualization in Edit Mode, showing both the notes played via MIDI and the notes selected
  • Shortcut for moving notes up or down an octave,
  • cmd+shift+up/down (Mac) or ctrl+shift+up/down (Win)
  • Draw an automation point on the existing automation line by holding Shift
  • Improved application start-up time
  • New application icon and company name
  • Removed ReWire
  • Fixed an issue where Reason's graphics could be slow on certain color profiles on macOS
  • Fixed a bug where a Player could be left in the rack after deleting a Mix Channel
  • Fixed a bug where parameter values were not correct when using Behringer BCR2000
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Reason 10.4.1

  • Added support for macOS Catalina

Reason 10.4 / Reason 10.4 Intro / Reason 10.4 Lite Release Notes

  • Added Monotone Bass Synthesizer, a new bass synth device that's cross-compatible with Reason Compact
  • Added Rytmik Drum Machine, a new drum device that's cross-compatible with Reason Compact
  • Made a change on Windows to allow certain VST plugins incompatible with Reason 10.3 compatible again
  • Made a change on Windows to allow certain ASIO drivers incompatible with Reason 10.3 compatible again
  • Fixed a bug where the sustain pedal would no longer work with RPG-8
  • Fixed a bug where panning a signal completely right with a VST effect could cause the signal to cut out
  • Fixed a bug on Windows where CV inputs on the Combinator would not behave as expected

Reason 10.3 / Reason 10.3 Intro / Reason 10.3 Lite Release Notes

  • Rewrote big parts of Reason's audio rendering code, now rendering audio using audio card buffer size, to improve performance
  • New preference to enable the new audio rendering improvements (on by default, turn off for compatibility reasons)
  • Removed "CPU Usage Limit" from Reason's preferences
  • Fixed a bug in the effects section of Europa and Grain
  • Fixed an issue where macOS would say Reason was "not optimized for your Mac and need to be updated"
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Reason 10.2.2 / Reason 10.2.2 Intro / Reason 10.2.2 Lite Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause widgets on certain Rack Extensions to appear out of place on Windows

Reason 10.2.1 / Reason 10.2.1 Intro / Reason 10.2.1 Lite Release Notes

  • Removed faulty silence detection that caused, for example, VST reverb tails to be cut off prematurely
  • Fixed a bug where panning a VST plugin could affect other channels
  • Fixed a bug where Players could be invisible inside Combinator under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where creating a new note lane could sometimes create multiple note lanes
  • Fixed a bug where global MIDI ports were not saved in preferences
  • Fixed a bug where an error message could be shown for MIDI controllers without MIDI ports assigned
  • Added Remote codec for Novation SL MkIII

Reason 10.2 / Reason 10.2 Intro / Reason 10.2 Lite Release Notes

  • Added Multi Lane Edit, for viewing and editing MIDI across multiple lanes and tracks at once
  • Adjust faders, solo and mute across multiple mix channels at once
  • A new snap setting, Grid, will adapt the resolution to zoom level
  • Double click a sequencer track to open the rack and scroll to its device
  • New +Add Device and +Add Track buttons in rack and sequencer
  • New context menu item, Route to New Mix Channel, on audio outputs
  • Easy MIDI Inputs automatically detects MIDI controllers when connected
  • New setting in Reason’s preferences for returning the play cursor to its last start position when stopping playback
  • New Tutorial Area for quickly getting started and learning about Reason
  • Improved track selection behavior in sequencer track list to match the behavior of devices in the Rack and Clips
  • Improved looping behavior in Dual Arpeggio
  • Updated Europa to fix a bug where selecting an engine could alter the sound
  • Fixed a bug where Reason could crash in certain scenarios when self-containing samples
  • Fixed a bug where replacing a device could cause issues
  • Fixed a bug where large files could cause issues with Pitch Edit
  • Fixed a bug in ReWire for compatibility with macOS Mojave
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Reason 10.1.2 / Reason 10.1.2 Intro / Reason 10.1.2 Lite / Reason 9.5.4 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where a small number of Windows users got severe performance issues.
  • Specific to Reason 10: Fixed a bug in Dual Arpeggio that caused extra notes when looping.

Reason 10.1.1 / Reason 10.1.1 Intro / Reason 10.1.1 Lite / Reason 9.5.3 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where Reason could freeze for a couple of seconds under macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 when using Hyper Threading. Please note that when using Hyper Threading on High Sierra 10.13.4 you might still experience minor graphic glitches.
  • Fixed a bug where the order of notes generated by Players could be different when playing and sending notes to track.

Reason 10.1 / Reason 10.1 Intro / Reason 10.1 Lite Release Notes

  • Added support for Rack Extension SDK3, including support for Player Rack Extensions, pattern tracks and sample zones.
  • Europa has been updated! You can now load sample or custom wavetable into the Wave and Spectral Filter sections of the Engine.
  • Improvements to Player timing and Send to Track.
  • Hyper Threading is no longer the default setting on macOS and will be turned off at first launch of Reason 10.1. To turn it on again, just do so in the preferences. This is an intermediate fix for an issue we're experiencing and working on fixing with Reason on macOS 10.13.4.
  • Fixed a bug where undoing after opening a VST window could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the full version of Reason could not open certain Reason Essentials documents.
  • Fixed a bug in Europa and Grain where velocity did not affect the amp properly in mono legato mode.
  • Updated the Reason Factory Soundbank with new samples for Europa.

Reason 10.0.3 Release Notes

  • Added and updated Remote files for Akai controllers
  • Improved error handling when scanning VST folders
  • Improved error handling for VST screenshots
  • Fixed a bug where Reason scanned 32-bit VST plugins on each startup
  • Fixed a bug where Reason could crash when replacing certain devices
  • If you have a Reason 30-day trial, you'll now be informed how many days are left of your trial and when it has expired

Reason 10.0.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the pitch curve in Pitch Edit mode to be not visible

Reason 10.0.1 / Reason Essentials 10.0.1 Release Notes

  • Improved handling of missing Rack Extensions inside combinators
  • Added error alert on downloading optional content when disk is full
  • Fixed an issue where closing the optional content download dialog could close Reason
  • Fixed an issue where dragging patches to an empty favorites list did not work
  • ReWire master/mixer and slave/device is now always referred to as "host" and "device"
  • Updated version of Europa and Grain that fixes a problem where the compressor didn't behave correctly when using sample rates higher than 44.1kHz

Reason 10 Release Notes

  • Added Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer
  • Added Grain Sample Manipulator
  • Added Klang Tuned Percussion
  • Added Pangea World Instruments
  • Added Humana Vocal Collection
  • Added Drum Supply and Loop Supply ReFills
  • Synchronous is now an included device
  • Radical Piano is now an included device
  • Added the content manager for optional content, accessible at first launch or by going to Window > Manage Content
  • Updated Reason 10 Sounds and Factory Sound Bank with patches from Europa and Grain
  • Devices can now be added to favorite lists
  • Fixed graphic error in Plugin Management window
  • Fixed a crash when closing Reason after downloading an update
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when taking a screenshot of a VST plugin
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Reason 9.5.2 / Reason Essentials 9.5.2 Release Notes

  • Reason 9.5.2 and Reason Essentials 9.5.2 are now compatible with macOS High Sierra
  • Improved file system handling
  • (Mac) Moved location of cache files for plugin screenshots, plugin registry and more
  • Improved plugin window focus handling on Windows, removed associated menu option
  • Fixed an issue with time signatures when importing MIDI
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Maschine to not play the first note in the sequencer
  • Fixed an issue where a VST GUI could sometimes disappear
  • Optimized reading of Remote map files
  • Made plugin window open button remotable, "Proxy Open Plugin Window"

Reason 9.5.1 / Reason Essentials 9.5.1 Release Notes

  • Improved MIDI drag and drop from VST plug-ins. Dragging MIDI into the Reason sequencer will now place the MIDI on a track and position of your choice.
  • Improved performance.
  • Reason now supports hyper threading. There is a new setting for this in the Preferences.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

Reason 9.5 / Reason Essentials 9.5 Release Notes

  • Added support for VST 2.4 instrument, effect and utility plug-ins
  • Added Delay Compensation functionality
  • Added Export Device Remote Info function to File menu, allowing you to export a text file with Remote-ables for selected device
  • Updated Reason Patch Collection with minor text and bug fixes
  • Improved handling of hidden displays in Rack Extensions
  • Improved error reports and statistics

Reason 9.2.2 / Reason Essentials 9.2.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where saving a song in 9.2 with a missing Rack Extension could cause Bad Format.
  • Fixed an issue where the checkbox for "Send error reports and statistics" in the preferences didn't behave correctly
  • Fixed an issue where MIDI Clock Sync offset values did not display correctly
  • Improved error reports and statistics

Reason 9.2 / Reason Essentials 9.2 Release Notes

  • Added support for Rack Extension SDK 2.5. Rack Extensions now support sample loading, hideable widgets and more.
  • Reason Patch Collection now includes all patches from Electromechanical and the office favorite patch Bass One'o'One (Reason full version only)
  • The patch Rheem GlitterTop is now correctly categorized as Electric Piano (Reason full version only)
  • Fixed a bug where a sample from the Factory Sound Bank could be self-contained which would lead to issues
  • Fixed an issue where notes could hang when using Players with the External MIDI Instrument

Reason 9.1 Release Notes

  • Added support for Ableton Link
  • Fixed a bug where Reason could hang during a bounce operation while in MIDI sync mode
  • Fixed a bug where a rack device would sometimes not scroll into view when selected in the sequencer
  • Fixed a bug where notes in Scales & Chords could hang

Reason 8.3.2 / Reason Essentials 8.3.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where development versions of Rack Extensions could cause audio glitches
  • Fixed crashes in ReWire hosts using Reason 8.3 or Reason Essentials 8.3 as ReWire slave on Mac
  • Includes Authorizer 2.9 with added automatic retry for downloads to improve reliability

Reason 8.3.1 / Reason Essentials 8.3.1 Release Notes

  • Added new FFT library under Windows. This will vastly improve performance of RV7000 in convolution mode, as well as other native devices and Rack Extensions that use FFT.
  • Fixed a bug where automated RV7000 convolution parameters could sound different in exported audio compared to playback.
  • Fixed a bug where RV7000 convolution settings could give unwanted aliasing artifacts.
  • Fixed a bug where the length of the audio recording could sometimes be wrong, if an audio clip was transposed with stretch disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where under some specific circumstances, placing a send effect within an insert fx container could cause Reason to crash.
  • Added Remote support for Korg taktile and TRITON taktile series.

Reason 8.3 / Reason Essentials 8.3 Release Notes

  • The detached rack window can now have a separate browser panel
  • Added convolution mode to RV7000 reverb
  • Zoom to Selection function for quickly zooming in on selected clips or notes
  • Buttons for setting MIDI focus to a device directly from the rack
  • The static value for an automated parameter is now adjustable in Arrange Mode
  • Added fold button for Info area in browser
  • Remote files for Akai MPK Mini added
  • Removed outdated splashes shown when copying sound banks from DVD
  • Increased horizontal zoom in Edit mode in all template songs
  • In Manual Rec mode, Parameter Automation Rec Enables are no longer turned off when you select another track
  • The template song chosen in the Setup Wizard should be set in the Preferences
  • Mixer scrollbar no longer overlaps the channel strip name labels
  • Replaced "Beta Version" dialog on startup with label in splash
  • Added tool tip for browse/clear button in Browser side panel
  • Audio is now properly clipped to range [-1,1] when dropping to Propellerhead
  • Assert Failure When Browsing Nested Folders Using Kong's NN-Nano Sampler Module
  • Assert on duplicate many clips
  • Authorizer could crash if it tried to start Codemeter service (Mac) and failed
  • Assert on drag and drop of REX file to Dr OctoRex
  • User statistics failed if Codemeter wasn't installed
  • Reason and Authorizer now works with earlier versions of Codemeter (Mac)
  • Fixed a problem using network attached storage in Reason
  • If Music folder was broken, Reason couldn't start (Unknown exception)
  • Corrected text field validation in Drop dialog
  • 3rd party RE patch files didn't show proper icons in Reason Essentials
  • Having subfolders in the DiagnosticReports folder on Mac could cause Reason to crash
  • New Authorizer version included (handles full disk better)
  • It wasn't possible to drop an NN19 patch on an NN-XT device in Reason Essentials
  • The Windows installer now requires the channel.phat file to be present (avoiding broken auto-update)
  • Improved support for folder aliases and symbolic links
  • Text parsing when importing MIDI files could cause unknown exceptions

Reason 8.2 / Reason Essentials 8.2 Release Notes

  • Reason will now automatically detect if there is a newer version available, and optionally download and install this.
  • A typical Reason update (without soundbanks) is now around 100 MB - a tenth of its old size!
  • If sound banks (Factory Sound Bank, Orkester and the content bank for ID8) are missing when Reason is launched, the program will now offer to download and install them.
  • Sound banks are now located in a global folder, which means new Reason updates can continue using the same sound banks without having them replaced or copied. It also means that different, parallel Reason installations can share the same sound banks.
  • Reason and Authorizer no longer includes the Codemeter driver. Reason will run with Internet Verification (or in Demo Mode) without Codemeter. Codemeter can be downloaded separately for new users, should they need to run Reason without internet access.
  • When browsing patches, you can now Revert back to the patch that was loaded when you started browsing.
  • The color palette for tracks, channels and clips has been extended to 32 colors.
  • The remotable items for Redrum have been extended to allow programming of Redrum patterns from a control surface.
  • Reinstated key command for Show/Hide Recording Meter: Command-F3 (Mac) or Ctrl-F3 (Windows).
  • Reason comes with a version of Authorizer that support Rack Extensions larger than 2GB.
  • Help files and documentation are no longer installed with the program, but accessed online.
  • Removed 32-bit support. Version 8.2 is a 64-bit application only.
  • Added updated Remote files for Livid Instruments.
  • Fixed a memory allocation bug in Reason Essentials that could cause glitches under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where Authorizer misbehaved if initial installation duties failed.
  • Keyboard focus is now returned to the sequencer after the user makes settings in the Transport panel.
  • Fixed potential crash bug when scrolling time position during recording.
  • Fixed a bug where Reason would assert when adjusting clip length during recording.
  • Added version check of sound banks
  • Fixed typos on Login Screen (German localization)
  • Extended allowed username length in all login/authorization dialogs
  • Updated Drop to Propellerhead icon.
  • Updated template songs with larger Zoom in Edit Mode + larger screen size
  • Fixed a bug where Reason would assert if setting tempo / position to very high values.
  • Browse focus would be lost when adjusting any parameter on the browsed device, if it was inside a mixer channel Insert FX container.
  • Fixed a bug where Loop on/off wasn’t properly mirrored in both applications when Reason was ReWired.
  • Fixed a bug where Reason couldn’t start if there was a broken Rack Extension.
  • Fixed a bug where Reason could crash if the user didn’t have proper access rights to some folders.
  • Improved track pad scrolling in the sequencer.

Reason 8.1 / Reason Essentials 8.1 Release Notes

  • Added "Drop to Propellerhead" and "Open in Reason" features, connecting Reason to the Propellerhead service.
  • Reason can now remember the password for internet verification.
  • Opening a Propellerhead web page from within Reason should not prompt for login, if the user is already logged in within Reason.
  • CodeMeter version 5.20d included.
  • Authorizer is now properly signed for Mac OS X 10.10.
  • Browser: REX loop preview is now disabled when a running Dr Octo REX has browse focus.
  • Fixed a bug where some devices were erroneously available on the Create menu in Remote Override Edit Mode
  • Fixed a bug in the stretch algorithm that could cause sound anomalies in audio recordings longer than 5 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug where found "missing samples" accidentally became self-contained.
  • Fixed a number of bugs relating to self-contained samples and loops.
  • Fixed a bug where Reason could create broken document files.
  • Fixed a bug where some non-remotable items had the Edit Remote Override Mapping item enabled by mistake.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a Radical Piano device in a RAM-heavy song could cause Reason to hang.
  • Fixed a bug where the automatic mixer channel color selection didn't work properly.
  • Changed the color of the clip borders, to make them more visible.
  • Fixed a bug in Arturia remote codecs where sustain pedal didn't work.
  • Added some updated and new remote files from Livid Instruments.
  • Fixed a bug where dropping an audio file with bad format on an NN-XT could crash the program.
  • Fixed a bug where sample devices used more RAM than needed.
  • Fixed a bug where patch drag and drop to a device to the left of the Master Section could crash Reason.
  • Made a change to the browser scrolling, so that the selected item isn't obscured by the scrollbar when stepping down with the arrow keys/buttons.
  • Fixed a number of codebase issues that could cause Reason to crash or behave badly.
  • Fixed some spelling and translation issues.

Reason 7.1.2 (Mac only)

  • Fixed a problem where the program couldn't run if a newer Codemeter version was installed.
  • Includes a version of Authorizer that supports Rack Extensions larger than 2GB.
  • Includes a new Codemeter version that will support Mac OS X 10.10.3 and later.

Reason 7.1.1 / Reason Essentials 2.1.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a problem where moving cables and rack devices could cause extremely slow rendering on some computers.
  • Fixed a bug where previewing certain WAV files in 32-bit floating point format could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where arpeggiators in some Rack Extensions would get out of sync with the main Reason sequencer.
  • Attempting to download a huge number of Rack Extensions at the same time will no longer cause Authorizer to crash.
  • The asterisk indicating subtick lengths and positions is now always shown properly in the Clip Inspector.
  • Loading samples without root key info would sometimes cause root key to be set to the lowest possible key. It's now properly set to C3.
  • A couple of internal fixes that could cause problems in some cases.
  • Added support for Akai MPK 225-261 controllers.
  • Added and extended support for several Livid Instruments controllers.

Reason 7.1 / Reason Essentials 2.1 Release Notes

  • Support for Custom Displays in Rack Extensions (SDK v.2).
  • Rack Extensions built with SDK v.2 will perform math functions faster.
  • Improved MIDI Clock Sync, with new settings.
  • Reason can now send error reports and usage statistics.
  • Shift-dragging devices will now re-route them properly.
  • Better indications on audio clips.
  • Various ReWire fixes.
  • Reason can now import WAV files in 32 bit float format.
  • Slices in self-contained REX files can now be used as samples.
  • A Spectrum EQ button has been added to the Master Section device in the rack.
  • Adjusted BV-512 Dry/Wet behaviour.
  • It's now possible to use the Razor tool on open audio clips.
  • Split at Slices with a huge amount of slices selected will no longer make Reason freeze.
  • Includes new Codemeter version: 5.10.
  • A great number of minor bugs fixed!

Reason 7.0.1 / Reason Essentials 2.0.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that could lead to an “Unexpected Exception” message when starting Reason under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where the spectrum EQ window did not function properly after sample rate changes.
  • Fixed a bug where Reason could crash under certain conditions after changing display settings on Mac.
  • Added Remote codec for Novation Launchkey.
  • Fixed Rack Extension download time-out problem in Authorizer.
  • Fixed a problem in Authorizer where an “Internal Error” dialog could be shown when trying to start a new Rack Extension download if old downloads were still in progress.

Reason 6.5.3 / Reason Essentials 1.5.3 Release Notes

  • Fixed a problem related to scrollbars under Mac OS 10.8, where the program could crash.
  • Fixed a Create Menu bug, where sometimes the wrong device would be created.
  • Fixed a bug in how the Browser uses the registry under Windows. This could lead to situations where some file types couldn’t be browsed and loaded.
  • The Download All function for Rack Extensions could cause the Authorizer to misbehave or fail.

Reason 6.5.2 / Reason Essentials 1.5.2 Release Notes

  • Authorizer now works properly under Windows 8.
  • Reason now works with AMD processors under Windows 8.
  • Fixed Combi patch backwards compatibility that was broken in 6.5.0 and 6.5.1.
  • Default browse locations now work as in Reason 6.0.2.
  • Rack Extensions now respond to sample rate changes in the ReWire host.
  • Dropped support for 22,050 Hz sample rate on playback and export.
  • Fixed crash bug when exporting song containing a placeholder device.
  • Stopping playback now cuts hanging notes in Rack Extension devices.
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio glitches in Neptune’s Live Mode.
  • Fixed resource/memory leak when browsing in locations with lots of items.
  • Fixed a bug in NN-XT when doing Set Root Notes From Pitch Detection.
  • Fixed a bug where bounced samples defaulted to 0% Loop.
  • Authorizer will no longer request downloading of license data when it’s not necessary.
  • Fixed some ReWire bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where the Master Section’s Insert FX would be moved when moving a connected device to another position in the rack.
  • Fixed some name label bugs in template songs.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Reason 6.5.1 / Reason Essentials 1.5.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where resetting a Combinator containing more than one selected device caused a crash.
  • Fixed performance issues with Alligator on 32-bit Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where context clicking on mixer parameters did not work if the rear of the rack was in view.
  • Fixed a bug where under specific conditions a Rack Extension could cause a crash.
  • Minor Rack Extension hosting fixes.

Reason 6.5 / Reason Essentials 1.5 Release Notes

The main new feature in this release is the support for Rack Extensions - this is described in the Operation Manual included with the applications. In addition, the following changes and additions have been made:

  • The device palette has been redesigned. Devices are categorized differently there and on the Create menu.
  • The function previously called “Initialize Patch” is now called “Reset Device”. It works the same, but is now also available for devices without patch support.
  • An additional option has been added in the Bounce Mixer Channels dialog: “Copy original channel settings”. This is available when you bounce to new tracks in the song and the “Apply Mixer Settings : None” option is chosen. The new mixer channels can then get the same channel settings as the original - useful for bouncing a CPU-heavy instrument track but keeping full mixing freedom.
  • Parameter values are shown with proper units in the Inspector and Combinator programmer (this is only available for devices based on Rack Extension technology).
  • The Parameter Automation dialog has been removed. All parameters for a device are instead listed on the Track Parameter Automation menu (above the track list), and grouped in the same way as in the Combinator programmer.
  • Slight changes in the browser: The locations to the left have been rearranged, with some options added (including the “Rack Extensions” location). The main view has now a “Kind” column showing device type. Sorting of the browser view is remembered per device. The default order for sorting by the “Modified” date is now newest at the top.
  • The “Learn from control surface input” checkbox in the Edit Remote Override Mapping dialog is now activated by default, saving that annoying extra mouse click…

Reason 6.0.2 / Reason Essentials 1.0.2 Release Notes

  • Viewing the sequencer area by pressing F7 would always reset keyboard focus to the track list, with confusing results. Now the keyboard focus setting is properly remembered.
  • If you changed settings in the Tool window when there was no open song document, the program could crash.
  • The output of the RV-7 "Large Hall" algorithm was in mono.
  • Copy command (Copy to clipboard) could cause an "Unknown Exception" error message.
  • A few remote codecs (including Behringer BCR/BCF, Korg Kontrol49 and mikroKontrol) were not properly replaced when Reason 6 was installed over an existing Reason 5 installation, which made them stop working under Windows 64. Now they are replaced by the new version at installation.
  • Some audio hardware models (that worked fine in Record) stopped working with Reason 6 under Mac OS X.
  • If Reason received MIDI Clock while in ReWire mode, the program could crash.
  • With some HID devices (e.g. Tablet input devices of certain brands) connected, Reason couldn't launch properly.
  • Bounce Mixer Channels would cause Reason to hang if the program was in MIDI Clock Sync mode.
  • Using the Speaker tool repeatedly in the audio editor could occasionally make the program hang.
  • When the scratch disk became full, Reason 6 could crash.
  • Old non-unicode keyboard layouts (Mac only) could cause Reason 32-bit to crash at startup
  • On a Mac with a two-monitor setup and the SecondBar tool running, some actions could cause Reason to crash.
  • Loading samples, opening and saving songs could take a very long time in some situations.
  • General performance has been improved in many areas.
  • The Novation Automap Control remotemap has been updated
  • Remote support for Teenage Engineering OP-1 has been added.

Reason 6.0.1 / Reason Essentials 1.0.1 Release Notes

  • In rare cases, the Save and Optimize could destroy the song file. This would happen if the operating system reported a problem to Reason at a bad (very specific) moment during save and optimize.
  • Using the context menu on text fields in the tool window that could cause a crash.
  • If some actions were performed in the browser while the name of a Favorite was being edited, this could cause a crash.
  • Tempo map information embedded in audio files within ReFills couldn't be read properly. Now it can.
  • The program now includes Line 6 TWXY 5.26.0. This allows access to computer authorized Line 6 models in Reason and makes the program compatible with Pod Farm 2.5.
  • Zooming with the scroll wheel has been made smoother.
  • The vertical navigator in the mixer did not reappear correctly (after being automatically hidden).
  • The previous version accidentally included a beta version of ReWire. Now, the deployment version is included instead.
  • Removed some misplaced text from the context menu in mixer (when running the program in French).

Reason 5.0.1 / Record 1.5.1 Release Notes

  • Record
    • CodeMeter has been updated to version 4.20b. This version provides better handling of various installation issues.
    • The MClass Mastering Suite Combinator appeared on the Create menu when the Japanese language was selected in Record. It has been removed (the way to use mastering combi patches in Record is to load them as Master Insert FX)
    • The EQ, Filter and Input Gain settings in the main mixer were not chased properly. This could cause clicks or slight fades in the beginning of bounced or played back tracks.
    • There was an audible hiccup (a small pause in the audio) whenever an effect (Wah or Compressor) was switched on or off on a Line 6 Amp device. The Line 6 components have been updated to fix this.
    • An interpolation issue could cause a very slight loss of high frequency content when processing audio in Neptune.
    • The size of Kong devices in the Record rack navigator was slightly incorrect.
    • In rare cases users had to authenticate twice when starting Record.
    • Normalize Clip did not work on clips with extremely long audio recordings.
  • Reason & Record
    • The handling of bad sound drivers has been improved, lessening the risk of a crash due to faulty drivers.
    • Added Remote support for M-Audio Oxygen 88.
    • Added localized help and documentation in German, Japanese and French. Note: The localized help and documentation files are automatically included when Reason or Record are installed from the DVD. When downloading Reason or Record, you need to download and install localized help and documentation separately.
    • During certain circumstances, if a MIDI control surface was locked to a device and the user deleted any device from that song, the program could crash. This would happen if there was another song open and that song was playing back in the background.
    • The "Arpeggio Notes to Track" function on the RPG-8 could cause the program to crash if some of the RPG-8 parameters had been automated.
    • Saving a patch could in rare cases cause the program to crash. This happened if the user loaded a patch from a folder containing a huge number of patches, then moved the patch file to another folder and finally attempted to resave the patch by Alt-clicking the Save Patch button on the device.
    • In some cases, after copying and pasting a sample-based device from one song to another, the pasted device could refer to the wrong samples if the samples were self-contained.
    • Cable drawing has been slightly improved.
    • Thor's step sequencer in random mode triggered two voices. This could happen when the "Step" run mode was selected and the direction was set to "Random".
    • The program will occasionally check the available hard disk space. On some systems, these checks could make the user interface temporarily unresponsive.
    • Duplicating devices a large number of times could cause a graphical bug in the rack.
    • A number of localized (translated) text strings were cut off.
    • Voice handling for the NN-XT has been optimized slightly.
    • Dr. OctoRex slice numbers were not shown correctly in Edit mode when using the application in German.
    • If a song used SoundFonts under Windows Vista or Windows 7, the program could store the wrong path to the referenced samples. As a result, there would be missing sounds next time the song was opened.
    • Switching from MIDI sync to internal sync could result in an "Unknown Exception" alert.
    • The program could become very unresponsive when working with songs with a large number of self-contained samples.
    • Songs or combi patches could load with incorrect settings. This happened if a Combi rotary or button had been programmed to control a certain device parameter, and this parameter had been changed "manually" so that its state conflicted with the Combi rotary/button. After saving and loading, the setting of the device parameter was reset to match the Combi settings.
    • When stopping after recording in ReWire mode, the program could freeze for a few seconds.
    • Updated some Japanese translations.
    • The program could assert when changing to virtual MIDI input settings.
    • Kong's Nurse Rex in Slice Trig mode within a Mute Group would not mute the voice when another pad was triggered.
    • A crash could be caused by dragging one or more half width devices and hovering over a Disk Channel device that doesn't show inserts.
    • The function of bouncing several audio clips to new samples or to a new recording could take longer than expected.
    • The remote override mode was not completely blocked while the program tried to quit.
    • Muted audio clips in Blocks while adjusting the Block Clip offset could look a bit peculiar.
    • Sample Editor now handles samples with a sampling frequency below 8000 HZ correctly.
    • Names of Mix Channels could become blank in certain cases.
    • Bug in the Mix/Disk-channel, which could occur whenever a device was added or removed in the combi of a channel device (insert effects). This bug might show itself by some short clicking sound, artifact or short freeze when adding or removing devices in a channel device. The Combinator was not affected, and also not the master section.
    • There was a bug when the user tried to move the notes that were being recorded either by scaling the tempo in the tool window or nudging them with Ctrl-left/right.
    • Handling of ReGrooved blocks has been improved.
    • NN-Nano now uses High Quality Interpolation when pitching samples.
    • Converting pattern automation to notes disregarded pattern offsets incorrectly.
    • Automation of aftertouch, expression and breath are now smoothed in Thor.
  • ReFill Packer
    • ReFill Packer will now preserve tempo maps in AIFF and WAV files.
    • The previous version of ReFill Packer didn't handle files with leading and trailing spaces in their names properly.
    • Better handling of how ReFill Packer works when invoked using non privileged accounts.

Reason 4.0.1 Release Notes

  • More tolerant error handling when loading custom fonts.
  • Selected installer language was not used when upgrading from 3.0, this is now fixed.
  • We have improved the error handling when copying Remote maps and codecs during start up.
  • All sample players (NN-XT, NN-19, Dr Rex and Redrum) - High Quality Interpolation is now enabled by default.
  • Improved handling of mono/stereo connections while auto-routing.
  • Dragging devices to the rack from the tool window only worked with the top-most window, now it works with any window.
  • More robust error handling during startup, avoiding certain timing problems in Windows.