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Pumping and ducking. Mixing and fixing. Fast and flexible sidechaining in the Rack.

Sidechain Tool is the go-to device for ducking signals in Reason. With Auto Pump, you can quickly set up classic four-on-the-floor pumping to instantly make space for the kick and bass frequencies for a punchy mix ready for the dance floor. Tweak the curve to fit your kick, change the rate for other rhythmic effects or adapt to a half-speed beat, and turn on Band Mode to duck only low or high frequencies for the perfect balance.

For more control, there’s Trigger mode. Create just the rhythm your music needs by triggering the curve with another audio signal, MIDI note, or CV. And if you want traditional sidechain compression, the Sidechain mode does just that—with dynamic visual feedback and filters to shape the Sidechain input signal for just the right response.


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Customizable curve with quick presets
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Trigger your pumping with Audio, MIDI, or CV
Sidechain Tool feature 2
Sidechain compressor mode with visual feedback and input filtering
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