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Polytone delivers classic analog synth sounds—with a twist.

Polytone Dual-Layer Synthesizer is a synth-lover's synth. Inspired by our favorite vintage hardware, we designed it to quickly recreate the warm analog sounds you know and love. The two oscillator subtractive design is fast and intuitive with everything you need. Classic analog waveforms, noise, FM, sync, stereo spread, and easy modulation makes sound design a breeze.

But it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t tweak the formula for more possibilities. Polytone has two identical layers, A and B, that can be set up differently and then mixed or morphed between. Mix two similar sounds for four oscillators of fatness or morph between two wildly different sounds for dynamic and evolving patches.

We didn’t stop there, either. Each waveform has a Shape control for timbral variety and the unique Chaos noise in Oscillator 2 is as crazy as its name suggests. The filter type is continuously variable from Low Pass to Band Pass to High Pass and audio-rate Filter FM is just a knob-turn away. To top it off, the Age control sends Polytone back in time to when pitch drift and instability were commonplace to capture that vintage analog character.


Polytone feature 0
Two oscillators with classic and new waveforms, Shape control, FM, and Oscillator Sync
Polytone feature 1
Filter with continuously variable filter type and Filter FM
Polytone feature 2
Play a single layer, Mix Layer A and B, or seamlessly Morph between them
Polytone feature 3
Mix or Morph using the Fader, Global LFO, Velocity, Mod Wheel, or CV
Polytone feature 4
Turn up Age for vintage analog pitch drift
Polytone feature 5
Immediate and intuitive controls, no mod matrix or menu diving
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Sound examples

Funkin Matt - First Encounter
Bon Voyage
LizetteLizette - Cut Of A Knife
Upside Down
Hilton Wright II - Starlite
Dreamy Plucks
Yung Skrrt - Polytone
Retro Rider
Cosmic Stranger
Leisure Techno
Sunset Jam
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