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Take control of signal levels, stereo panning, and routing in one sleek package.

Gain Tool is a handy utility for managing your audio signals in the Rack. At its most basic it’s like an extra mix channel for gain staging, width, and panning. This is extra useful for level automation and gain staging without compromising your mix. Coupled with handy utilities like mute, phase inversion, swapping channels, and summing to Mono—Gain Tool’s an indispensable workflow tool in the Rack.

In Mix and X-Fade mode Gain Tool lets you mix or crossfade between two input signals, while the Router mode will crossfade between the two output jacks. And of course there’s plenty of CV control over it all. Perfect for complex Rack set-ups, clever Combinator patches, and creative patching.


Gain Tool feature 0
Metering, gain staging, and pan control
Gain Tool feature 1
Crossfade between two inputs for hands-on transitions and blending
Gain Tool feature 2
Router crossfader with two outputs for creative patching
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