Polymodular System II

Synth Components

Blamsoft, Inc.

The Polymodular System is a set of high-quality synth components that allow you to create modular synths in Reason.

Note: Polymodular System I is for users that don’t own Distributor, Polymodular System II is for users that already own Distributor.

Included in this bundle

  • F-16 Analog Filter
    Analog Filter
    F-16 Analog Filter is a multi-mode voltage-controlled filter with a graphical frequency response display. It features sixteen modes, resonance compensation, and drive for analog-style soft...

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  • Mark VIII Amplifier
    Mark VIII Amplifier is a voltage-controlled amplifier with eight stereo inputs a mixed stereo output. It features panning and gain for each channel, a parametric EQ, and analog level meters....

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  • Movement Waveform Generator
    Movement Waveform Generator is an eight-stage arbitrary waveform generator that can act as an envelope, LFO, or high-frequency oscillator. Its interactive graphical display lets you quickly adjust...

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  • VO-1 Viking Oscillator
    Analog Oscillator
    VO-1 Viking Oscillator is an analog-modeled oscillator capable of producing classic analog sounds. It has two adjustable wave oscillators and a noise oscillator with classic or white noise. VO-1...

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