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SCRE & CORE Bundle

SCRE & CORE Bundle

Essential Tools


SideChain ReAction and CoreRelation are essential tools intuitively designed to simplify the low-end, phasing and stereo imaging of any mix.

Included in this bundle

  • CoreReLation Phase Analyser
    CORE Phase Analyzer
    SALE $15.00 $19.00
    Reasonistas’ CoreReLation Phase Analyzer (aka CORE), is the first Reason rack extension designed and optimized for detailed phase and stereo imaging analyzation. We partnered once again with...

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  • SideChain ReAction Enveloper
    SideChain ReAction
    SALE $19.00 $29.00
    SideChain ReAction Enveloper (SCRE) is more than just a witty play on words, it is the first Reason Rack Extension plugin fully dedicated and optimized for multiband ducking any incoming audio...

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