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CoreReLation Phase Analyser

CORE Phase Analyzer


  • • Precise Phase Correlation Meter
  • • Audio Goniometer (Vectorscope)
  • • Stereo Width Processor / HAAS Effect

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Reasonistas’ CoreReLation Phase Analyzer (aka CORE), is the first Reason rack extension designed and optimized for detailed phase and stereo imaging analyzation. We partnered once again with Lab:One Recordings to meticulously design and build CORE. With its unique user interface and iconic big knobs, CORE provides intuitively designed tools and visual mixing aids, essential for detecting and treating phasing and stereo imaging issues to ensure a proper mix balance.

Product details

At the top, is CORE's wide and ultra-precise Phase Correlation Meter for detecting out-of-phase signals to show any reduced degree of mono compatibility in your mix. If left untreated, certain sounds will get quieter or entirely canceled when an out of phase stereo signal is summed into a mono signal.

At the heart of CORE, is a large color-changeable audio goniometer to analyze the phase and stereo image of individual mix channels, group busses, or the master bus. An ideal stereo mix will produce an oval shape that is regularly tall and narrow.

The iconic large global pan knob on the left controls the panoramic placement of the main input signal. To the right of the pan knob is CORE's input source toggle switch that simply flips the input channel signal from left to right or right to left, often producing pleasant and unintended results.

On the left and right side of CORE's glass display are standard and independent Gain Knobs, Pan Knobs and Invert Phase Switches to help remedy phasing and stereo imaging issues.

On the right, Core's large global width knob allows you to control the spread of the stereo field when the LSR Toggle Switch is set to the "S" center position for Stereo. Decreasing the global width narrows the stereo spread, whereas, in some cases, widening the Stereo spread to 200% is ideal for pads, pianos, hi-hats, and background-vocals, plus more.

Core's global width knob becomes a HAAS effect when the LSR toggle switch is set to either left or right mono position. At 200%, the signal is delayed up to 35 ms on one side, producing an ultra-wide pseudo stereo effect to an otherwise mono signal.

CORE is conveniently available for Reason versions 9.5 and higher. We thank you for your interest and support.

Make your mix bold, wide, and solid to the CORE!

V1.0.1 update (24.02.20) : minor GUI fix when Goniometer sticks with channel pans and global pan are at opposing sides

3D Images and Motion by Mikko Niiranen



Released: 2020-03-02
Version: 1.0.1