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SideChain ReAction Enveloper

SideChain ReAction


  • • Instant Multiband Volume Ducking
  • • Visual Frequency Splitter
  • • Envelope Shaper with Free Point Movement

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SideChain ReAction Enveloper (SCRE) is more than just a witty play on words, it is the first Reason Rack Extension plugin fully dedicated and optimized for multiband ducking any incoming audio right out the box.

Product details

Meticulously designed by Reasonistas and thoroughly built by Lab:One Recordings, SCRE is far and away the most advanced yet simplest multi-band side-chaining and envelope shaper available for Reason.

This swiss army knife of devices can sidechain incoming audio at it’s core, but this is only scratching the surface. Following is a short list of what SCRE can do, a list that Chuck Norris would certainly envy:

  1. Multi-band audio ducking
  2. Sequencer linked via Loop mode
  3. In sync time to BPM or in Hertz
  4. MIDI/CV triggered envelopes (when RETRIG is activated)
  5. Sustained or Looped envelopes (MIDI/CV controlled)
  6. All frequency and Split-frequency modes
  7. Multi-function touch display
  8. 24 editable points per band, with 3 modes per point - free moving
  9. 15 base envelope templates to get you going
  10. and.... Multi-CV envelope outputter

Take SCRE for a spin today to get creative with volume control as well as custom LFO curves totally controlled automatically as well as by your MIDI-fingertips and other CV sources.

3D Images by Mikko Niiranen

Sept 5, 2019 - v.1.0.1 - minor bug fixes and enhancements



Released: 2019-09-05
Version: 1.0.1