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Laid Back Piano

Sampled old upright


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Laid Back Piano

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Laid Back Piano delivers the sounds of a very old and totally rotten upright piano relic. Excavated from a deserted backyard building in a Dresden suburb, this piano surely had seen better days in its life. All that was left was the housing and 90 percent of the strings. Even its feet were missing - the piano had to be laid down in the studio. Thanks to the missing keyboard and front panel, the piano produced a fascinating, undamped reverb sound, which evolved each time a string was touched.

Product details

For this ReFill, every single string was recorded separately from a number of different microphone positions. Three of the included Combinators represent carefully tuned piano presets (Piano, Piano Distance, Tiny Piano). For another set of combinators, a lot of prepared piano techniques were applied, like the sound of the strings with printer paper clamped in-between, attached plastic tools, pillow-damped plucking, and more.

Additionally six Combinators with untuned one-shots and atonal loops are included in the Refill. These sounds were achieved by methods such as throwing a variety of items into the piano housing, stroking a thumb´s nail along the lower strings, and more. Furthermore, each person that came along during the 3-day recording session was invited to strike and knock on the piano body in order to end up with a collection of suspenseful "Percussion" sounds.

On a final note: two weeks after finding this piano, the building where we found burned down to the ground. So these sounds were saved in the true sense of the word!

ReFill Specifications

  • 13 Combinator Patches
  • Combinator Controls: Brightness, Delay, Reverb, Volume
  • Combinator Switches: EQ Boost, Chorus, Delay Mode, Compression
  • 612 Samples (24 Bit, 44.1 kHz)
  • 1.1 GB Sample content
  • 570 MB Refill content


Released: 2013-01-11
Version: 1.0.0