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Parsec Signature

Patches for Parsec


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Parsec Signature

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Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Propellerhead Parsec Rack Extension installed on your system.

Inspiring Patches for the Parsec Rack Extension!

Parsec Signature is a Refill based on the amazing sounding Parsec Rack Extension synthesizer from Propellerhead Software. By using additive synthesis to generate its sounds, Parsec brings this synthesis method to a new level - sonically, but even more when it comes to shape the patches.

Product details

Parsec produces timbres that cant be done with VA synths, and beyond that, the possibility to modify the OSCs partials with envelopes, LFOs etc. opens magical doors to control the spectral results of the tone.

The patches inside this ReFill are ranging from rich atmo & pad sounds, from typical additive stuff up to timbres sounding like being played on real materials.

Parsec Signature is not genre-specific and will be an important part in each of your tracks. This ReFill simply is a great addition, if you already own this synthesizer.

Add the precise & distinctive Parsec character to your Reason Rack, and inspire yourself with 115 handcrafted Parsec device patches.

Furthermore get 75+ combinator patches for even more rich and complex sounds by making full use of ReasonĀ“s stock fx devices...

Unexpected | Inspiring | Bubbly | Invigorating | Parsec Signature.


  • 115 Parsec patches: Atmos & FX, Basses, Keys, Leads, Pads.
  • 78 combinator patches: Arps, Atmo, Basses, Keys, Leads, Pads.
  • Well balanced volume settings & carefully assigned modwheel and combinator buttons and knobs.
  • Highly inspiring patches based on advanced additive synthesis.

System Requirements

  • Reason 7 and up.
  • The Parsec Rack Extension (NOT included in this product) must be installed to be able to use this ReFill.


Released: 2015-05-25
Version: 1.0.0