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Rhythmic FX Pack

Rhythmic FX Pack

Loop Depot

  • • 8 combinator effect devices for Reason

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Rhythmic FX Pack

8 combinator effect devices for Reason

Gate and split like there is no tomorrow

This pack leverages the power of the Reason Combinator to bring you eight unique effect device patches. If you want to add some movement to your tracks this pack is for you.

Using gates and frequency splits you can bring life in dedicated areas of your sounds. Flipping between different distortions or creating advanced wobbles is now a no brainer. Even an effect to create fake vinyl like DJ scratches is included.

Because of their unique looks the devices will integrate perfectly into your Reason rack. The design of the effects will give you an easy and comprehensive access to all of the parameters.

A collection you don’t want to miss once you have it.

Reason+, Reason 12 or higher required