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Way Beyond Fairlight R2

Samples & Patches

Bitley™ Sounds & ReFills

  • • The entire Fairlight CMI library
  • • Over 200 ReDrum kits
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Way Beyond Fairlight R2

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Way Beyond Fairlight R2 (Release 2) works like a complete Fairlight CMI library with the addition of hundreds of entirely new sounds and even sounds for rack extensions. It works on Reason 7 and up. It contains over 15,000 files; over 4,000 patches and a multitude of samples.

The ReFill contains a plethora of really nice Combinator patches and all of the buttons and knobs are assigned to interesting and unique functions in many of the patches. The section "Patches making us think..." includes inspired patches sorted as artist names (808 State, ABBA, Duran Duran, Chaka Khan etc), instruments (Casio CZ and VZ, JX-10 etc) and styles (Italo Disco, Dub, Funk etc).

The NNXT categories includes Alternating, Art Of Noisy, Bass, Bombay, Bottles, Brass, EII Chords, Ethnic, Flutes, Guitars, Harp, Keyboards, Mallets & Bells, Mellotron, Orch hits & FX, Percussion, Sararr variations, Shakuhachi, Strings, Swanee, Synth analog, Synth digital, Tambura and Voice & Wind. There are synth patches for Malström, Subtractor and Thor, FX settings, Kong Kits and ReDrum Kits and much more.

Bitley™ Way Beyond Fairlight R2 contains patches for all rack instruments as well as loops and samples.

Product details

  • The entire Fairlight CMI library
  • Over 200 ReDrum kits
  • Combinator patches tailored after famous tracks, artists and hardware instruments.

Additionaly and as icing on the cake, bonus patches in the library supports BitSpeek, Polysix, Revival and PX7 Rack Extensions if you have them installed on your system. However, you do not need these in order to use the over 4,000 patches in the other categories of the library.


Released: 2019-11-07
Version: 1.0.0