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8 Band Filter/Shifter/Shaper

Analog Filterbank

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • 8 BP-Filters with Frequency Shifter & Shaper
  • • Envelop Followers with CV Out
  • • Extensive CV connectivity

Audio examples

Inspired by the free-spirited ethos of early synthesis pioneers, this Rack Extension invites you to sculpt and manipulate sound in ways that were once the exclusive domain of analog wizards.

8 Band Filter/Shifter/Shaper is not just an simple filter effect – it’s a comprehensive toolset. Each of its 8 bands features a customizable bandpass filter with a choice between 6dB/Oct or 12dB/Oct slope, free or quantized filter frequency, an envelope follower, a frequency shifter and a waveshaper, offering both single and triple sinewave shaping options.

The robust modulation capabilities are fueled by Reason’s CV signal system, providing endless possibilities for dynamic control. Save and recall your sonic experiments with ease using the patch-saving functionality.

Designed for exploration, the 8 Band F/S/S draws inspiration from West Coast modular synthesizers, echoing the aesthetics in a great looking GUI. It invites you to experiment with routing, pushing the boundaries of timbral possibilities reminiscent of Californian synthesis pioneers.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible