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Ammo 1200BR Modulation Synthesizer

Audio/CV Modulation

Jiggery-Pokery Sound

  • • Advanced LFO and Modular Monosynth
  • • Over 100 Waveform Shapes
  • • Programmable Routing

Audio examples

Arm your rack and take Reason modulation to the next level with Ammo’s 136 basic and complex waveforms.

With four audio oscillators that can be freely mixed and routed, and a massive frequency range, Ammo features an all-audio rate internal oscillator path suitable for both audio and CV output.

Available in three variants, the single oscillator 100LA, the four syncable oscillator 400R with internal mixer and routing bus, and the flagship 1200BR available here, which includes 8 further CV-rate LFOs, four of which can be routed internally or externally, in the Battery Low Frequency Ordnance Processor for automatic waveform and external audio crossfading and switching, and lo-fi S&H (sample and hold) effects.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible