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ARCUS User Knobs

ARCUS User Knobs

Alien Seed Tech

  • • big rainbow-colored custom knobs with CV shapers
  • • lots of controls & I/O, plot/number/meter displays
  • • midpoint curving, source rewiring, smoothing, etc.

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Rainbow-colored custom knobs with lots of flexibility in a 1U package.

Curves with precise high/mid/low boundaries, rewireable sources (including performance properties), multiple bi/uni modes, smoothing, mod inputs, configurable outputs, text labels on the front/back/folded front, etc.

Primarily meant for controlling and modding other devices via CV, combinators, remote, MIDI loopbacks, etc. It can also be used as a CV and automation lane shaper.

Product details


Version 1.0.2 fixes 2 graphics bugs: the displayed note values were 2 octaves too high and another minor bug.

Version 1.0.1 adds 24 more combinator patches, mostly from the Reason Talk community patch competition.


  • 4 user knobs with rainbow coloring (violet through green, on the front and folded front)

  • large text labels (front, back, and folded front)

  • number and 2d plot displays (high, mid, and low can be drawn on the plots too)

  • up/down meters on both, showing the current value, high, mid, and low

  • high and low boundaries

  • midpoint curving (with option to do relative to high/low or as a fixed point)

  • s-curving (a single s-curve amount for this, but with toggles for each section to use it or not)

  • 5 curve functions

  • multiple bi/uni modes: bipolar, unipolar, negative unipolar, notes, smooth notes, and velocities (some are functionally equivalent but display differently)

  • sources (freely-chosen from the knobs and performance properties)

  • special behaviors for knobs with non-default sources (adding to or scaling the value as bi/uni, etc.)

  • level adjusters (0%-400%) with an option to choose how this is centered

  • direct invert, negate, and level adjustment on the displays

  • a general CV smoother with a setting for conversion from one audio rate to another

  • drop-down option menu that shows abbreviations of the important options in its display

Back: (for each section)

  • 3 main outputs

  • 3 configurable outputs with invert and negate toggles, plus amount knobs (0%-400%)

  • 1 direct knob output (bi or uni)

  • direct mod inputs for the knob/value and midpoint with amount knobs (+/- 0%-200%)


  • help popups on the front and back

  • 46 example combinator patches


Product Manual



Released: 2019-08-23
Version: 1.0.2